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Collaboration is certainly one of the quickest ways to share talents, to express all kinds of art. It's the best way to reach out, to reach more people and inspire. Two heads after all is better than one. And one that made a lot of people excited is this collaboration with Ipanema footwear and designer, Philippe Starck!

A collection as been brought to life and it clearly shows that Starck can make anything look great with his genius brain! Starck has a way of adding artistry in mundane objects but never letting it loose it's functionality. From yachts, to a simple toothbrush holder, Starck re-creates these objects pieces of art that makes us proud to display them for everyone to see.

And that is exactly what he did with the new Ipanema with STARCK Collections. Starck re-imagined footwear to represent the different moods and facets of the modern women.

The Ipanema with STARCK collection explores the territory of high elegance paired with the utmost minimalism. When you reach elegance with a few dollars or euros, this is no longer magic; it is a modern miracle,” says Philippe Starck.

To that, I agree. When it comes to my footwear, the simpler the better for me. Knowing that a great designer and I have the same thought on this flatters me. The clean lines, the vibrant and classic hues blended used with 100% recyclable materials makes this collection coveta-ble by women who consider comfy footwear like this a part of their day to day!

Glamour and Nature Collection

Arty Collection

Francisco Elizalde with the Ipanema Girls

Mr. Francisco Elizalde shared his excitement with this new collaboration and making it availbable to all the Filipinas who consider slippers as a part of their lives.

It's not everyday we are given fun choices to up the levels of our tsinelas but times have changed and art is expressed in whatever form that limiting ourselves is impossible! With great choices at affordable prices, who are we to say no in having a piece of Starck in our homes!

Take a closer look at all the collections below! The Ipanema and STARCK Collections will be available at 

Glamour Collection

Chic Collection

Arty Collection

Nature Collection

You can get them at SM Departments Stores, Bambu Stores, Olympic Village, Shoe Salons, Planet Sports, Robinsons Department Stores, Cincerella, Fashion Rack Stores, Metro Gaisano, NCCC Stores, Bargain Brands and other selected stores. You can visit the Official Facebook Page.

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