My Sleek #MakeupTransformation | From Mommy to Sultry

You know what I love about makeup? It's like art class all over again! We get to play with colors, with textures and different types of tools. When I took up calligraphy and watercolor, I notice that it is not much different with cosmetic artistry. There's the brushes, the different consistency of paint, and the techniques are almost similar. From the strokes to the saturation of shades.. both are really about creating art!

Sleek invited me one Saturday afternoon to try my hand at a #MakeupTransformation. To challenge and take on a different look other than the clean neutral ones that I've been doing these days. I was honored that they thought to include me in this project that could possibly land me a page in their lookbook. But even without it, I was just happy to spend the afternoon with friends and try more of Sleek makeup products!

Want to see my shocking before and after look? Read on!

Compared to the usual #MakeupTransformation out there, I see this hashtag as a way to express ourselves through makeup artistry. To use our face as canvass and create beautiful looks with our hands and talents. Not necessarily change who we are but hone our skills and experiment.

There were a lot of pegs strewn on the walls and on the tables inspiring each of us to take on a new look! Martha and Mikki must have a hand on this as they are super talented with their makeup skills!

What look did I decide to try?

Sultry this time! A sexy look that I hardly do! Being a mother took all the sexy in me and this is definitely one of the ways to regain back that confidence I lost from giving birth and gaining weight. With some smoke in my eyes, gloss on my lips, and glow on my cheeks, I get to transport back to the me that felt sexy all over and celebrated her curves!

Since I was in company of friends, I was able to unleash the old me and play with poses that made me feel alive and sexy! Hahaha! 

How is this for a #MakeupTransformation?

I find both photos lovely. Though I am not a natural beauty, I have come to love me without makeup on. And on days I feel like I want to show off how I feel inside, I put on a little makeup. :)

Do you like the soft sultry look?

Creme to Powder Foundation in Shell
Base Duo Kit in Shell and Oatmeal
Corrector and Concealer Palette in Shade 1
Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Light 
Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals

Eyebrow Stylist in Light and Medium

I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage ROmance and Oh So Special
Full Fat Lash Mascara
Dip It Eyeliner
Flick it Eyeliner

Matte Me Fandango Purple

This is the original look where in I wore the True Color lipstick in Liqueur. It's a nude satin lipstick that had a glossy effect without 

The glow is easily achieved with Sleek's famous Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette and their latest Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals. Here's a closer shot of the the True Color Liqueur Lipstick. It's a soft beige nude lipstick that goes perfectly with a sultry smokey eye makeup. We were pleasantly surprised with how good this lipstick is on my kind of skintone since it appeared cool on the bullet.

Face Form and Precious Metals, only from Sleek
So gorgeous right?

Doing smokey eyes are one of my favorites but I admit that my kind of lids do not respond well to smokey look. Thank God Sleek has buttery smooth eyeshadow palettes that packing on colors and blending are easy. You can never go wrong with the the the two palettes if you are on a hunt for a smokey and neutral palette, I-Divine Eyeshadow in Oh So Special and Vintage Romance.

Thank you, Digify and Sleek Philippines for this wonderful time!

Team Digify with Jinkie and Mutya of Sleek and Luxasia

You can get the products I mentioned at Sleek Makeup counter at SM Makati Department Store.

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