I'm a Mask Convert! Pamper Sesh with Leaders Insolution Masks

Mid week doesn't have to be ho-hum. 

As proven by Leaders Insolution Philippines who treated us with a spa time on a Tuesday afternoon! Using their famous masks, we treated to an hour long of relaxation! A much-need treat for the stressed-out me!

I was excited to try
more masks for Leaders!

After a yummy delights from Boulangrie 22, I was ushered to a private room. I left worries, the traffic, the non-stop emails and allowed my self to be succumbed with the aromatic scent of the spa and its ambient sounds of birds and forest.

First, my face was cleansed with an oil-based cleansing product and was toned woth AC toner which I noted I must get my hands on because it felt good against my skin.

Then, the Tea Tree Mask was applied. What I thought would be sticky felt cool and amazing on my skin. The mask also fitted me perfectly. With ate pressing all the necessary pressure points only made me relax further. 

We were also treated to a hand and foot mask which I learned was a hit to many beauty mavens and sell like hotcakes. The combination of the hand cotton mask with potent ingredients made my hand and feet softer almost instantly.

As I was relishing every minute, I realized that same for the venue, I can very well do this at home! Clearly, we don't need to always book a spa appointment to feel like we're in one thanks to the awesome Leaders innovation that are now available in the Philippines.

All you need is less than an hour of your time to do this. Tonight maybe or tomorrow after work. Leaders masks are revolutionary and highly effective. Made by dermatologists to target specific skin concerns, you will likely find the best solution for your needs in one mask!  No need ot pile on too many products! Leave it on and relax, watch your favorite telenovela as you allow the ingredients to work on your skin and absorb its benefits.

You really can't go wrong with Leaders Insolution masks for its awesome ingredients and use of the best and finest linters cotton masks that provides a perfect fit and even distribution of product on to the skin. You only need 15-20 minutes and you're assured efficacy of the product. 

I seriously am not a sheet mask girl, I prefer them cream or gel-based. But I can't deny the results of smooth skin days after the pamper session! So I am definitely recommending them to you! For less than P200 with a derma-kind of skin afterwards, I am definitely hoarding Leaders now!

If you're not sure what sheet mask to get (there are too many and it can get overwhelming.), I was advised to get the Hydration Mask. All skin types needs hydration and a weekly sheet mask sesh  can only do wonders to our skin!

Nikki prefers the Tea Tree Soothing Mask to rejuvenate her skin while I love the Double Effect AC-Mask for troubled skin days. I personally love the weekly ritual. It lessened the need to go to the derma dn my skin feels rvived after. I often leave it on for the night (well, because I fall asleep so fast and forget about it!). I also make sure I have one of each and see which ones I works best for my skin type but the brightening and AC are the ones I like best. 

Here are the masks and their prices. Hope this helps you in choosing which Leaders Mask you'll get addicted to! 

Coconut Bio Masks | 148
 Did you know that you can leave the Coconut Bio Mask on for the rest of the night? Yes! Talk about maximum skin absorption!

Insolution Skin Renewal Masks | 148

Medium V-Line Effect of Facial Shaping System | P248
 Got a lot of great feedbacks with this mask! Scheduling this for the weekend!

Derma Soul | P148
 When you don't have time for derma, this can take their place!

Moisturizing Aqua Mask | P128
 Our skin needs hydration, even the oily ones! Treat yourself to a Moisture Aqua Mask once a week.

Double Effect AC-Free Mask | P148

Dr. Therapy Hand and Foot Masks | P298 each

Mediu Angelring Hair Steam Pack | 298
You can find Leaders mask at the following malls:
Lucky China Town Mall
Festival Supermall
SM Cebu Department Store
SM Davao Department Store
SM North Edsa
SM Cubao Department Store
SM Makati Department Store
SM Manila Department Store
SM San Lazaro Department Store

Soon to you can find them here:
SM Seaside Cebu
SM Lanang
SM Ioilo

You can also get them at Zalora.com.ph.

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