Dove Tells Us It's Okay... And They Want to Take us to Palawan. #DoveGoShave

.. to shave!

Have you been shaving more frequently now? With Summer right around the corner, I wouldn't be surprised. The heat has got us yearning for sleeveless shirts and off-shoulder tops that we wil die of shame if a peek-a-boo hair is seen! Yikes!

But did know that shaving can cause skin damage?

Survey showed that more women choose shaving for its convenience and affordability, not to mention that it's virtually painless, it also showed that most women shave their underarms every other day! Naturally, most of these women suffer chicken skin and dark underarms that causes to feel insecure about their underarm skin and lose confidence in wearing sleeveless clothing. Sadly, despite the utmost care these girls do it's not enough to save their skin from darkening. Root cause is low moisture to the skin that causes dryness that results to darkening. So don't give up on the razor yet, there could be a solution to this dilemma.

Patty Filart and Saabs Magalona hosted the event and gave us such great insights about women's best kept secret, shaving!
What we forget is that we shave off 1/3 of our skin every single time we use the razor. Naturally if we do this often, the more we traumatized our skin. But with the necessity of shaving, how can we care for our underarm skin and prevent it from getting irritated?

Quick solution is using Dove Deodorant! Since there is no underarm skincare out there and that deo is an essential part of our daily routine, Dove Deo provides the care our delicate skin needs. In every bottle, Dove contains its famous 1/4 moisturizing ingredients that help heal our skin and prevent it from darkening. Why? Because our skin needs constant moisture! And with the trauma that shaving brings, we need to give an extra care and Dove does this well! Dove 1.4 moisturizing ingredients have been proven effective in balancing moisture to the skin and retain it. With that, our underarm skin heals quicker, feels smoother and looks lighter.

Dr. Ana Palabyab-Rufino during the event shared her expertise and that she recommends daily usage of a deo that contains moisturizing ingredients helps with taking care of the underarm. More so, my dear friend Sabs Hernandez, swears by Dove Deodorant in giving her whiter underarms in just few weeks! And she claims to shave daily! Now if that isn't an honest testimonial!

Here Dove Representatives shows the immediate effect of using a Dove deo. They got the audience entranced with the results!

During that evening Dove treated their guests to a Dove Deo Care Kit where in we get to fill our baskets with Dove and shaving must-haves to be hair-free this Summer! We also got to make kits for our loved ones that Dove will mail themselves! How sweet is that? Who do you think is the lukcy daily in my life who will get this chic white pouch?

I just love that Dove Deo gives a nod to shaving and that we don't have to suffer any dark underarms as its usual results! And Dove gave us more reason to try them out because for the price of a regular roll-on or aerosol, you not only get a limited edition Dove Deo pouch for free, but also a chance to win a Dove Deo getaway to El Nido with two friends, by redeeming the code inside to join the raffle

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