#TheCalaors at The Oishi Snacktacular Event 2015

We really never stop growing and learning new things but last Friday though, I went ahead and got reacquainted with my inner child at the Oishi Snacktacular Event held at Trinoma Activity Center.

Think of it as a sort of a theme park for all your favorite Oishi snacks. Get your stamp card, visit each booths and get a ticket to try a variation of some of Oishi's bestselling products. Here they are!

There's the Slush-C where you get to a refreshing iced cold slushie in your favorite Smart C drink! Lemon always does it for me!

There's the O-twirl where the husband and I enjoyed Choco-Chugg soft serve and we topped it off with Pillows and Wafu! Guys, this is only P20! Grabe, noh?

My hoarding skills was put to the test at the Snack Shack where you can hoard all the Oishi products that you can jam into a huge bag for one minute for only P295! I hoarded Wafu, Smart-C and Oaties. I also got the Rin-Bee bag because that's my favorite Cheese Sticks snack since I can remember!

The photo booth highlighted the Oishi's new variant, their Pran Crackers in Spicy Flavor. Husband gladly took a photo with me because he loves anything spicy!

Snack Catcher was definitely a crowd pleaser, especially when Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Kian Cipriano and Frank Magalona went up and tried this ride. It's a short zipine that will lower you down and you get to catch (or hug) as much Oishi products as you can and drop them off at the bin. And yes, everything you catch is YOURS! I, of course, made a fool out of mysel and tried this! LOL!

The Make Your Own Snack is fun, too. You get to mix and match your crackers/fries and add flavors to them. I let the husband do this activity since we loves snacks like this. He chose Rin-Bee (because he said it's my favorite) and Potato Fries. He mixed up cheese and Sweet and Spicy for the flavors. And it tasted sooo goood!

Overall, it was a fun event that I get to spend with my family. Even Yaya J who is a homebody enjoyed seeing her favorite celebrities! Spending more time with Claud though was the highlight of the day. She got to try nacks, too, that I was pretty sure she will be askin g from me soon. LOL!

I finally got a chance to Isa, again! We go way back when she was still a PR girl. Now, though, she's taking over the world with her soulful voice and will be coming with her very first album! Oh! And she said she'll be writing her own songs which I'm sure will only be spectacular!

Ramon Baustista hosted the event and he was amazing!

The Cala-ors will always make an excuse to have a a family day. Thanks, Oishi for this fun event! I'm sure more families will be coming over this weekend! See you next year!

Oh! Oishi Snacktacular is until today and Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel padilla will be there at the Trinoma Activity Center. Gora na with the #fambam!

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