Pampers Activity: The Cala-or's First Family Portrait Event

In this day and age, we can practically document everything using our smart phones. We can easily upload them, too, on our computers and our social media that we lose sight somehow why we are documenting a certain occasion.

There is nothing like a photograph to remind us of how important being at present is. To make an effort to come together and smile at a camera. To make sure everyone is in frame. And to see it and hold it and even write a short inscription at the back. That's truly one to keep.

Pampers just made it all possible for hundreds of families who joined in this Pamper's First Family Portrait. Moms and their family were treated to a fun phooshoot taken by a professional photographer in a setting much like in a photographer's studio. Who doesn't love that cerulean wall that reminds us of our favorite Pamper's Baby Dry diapers?

I'm so happy to have a enthusiastic husband who is game for anything that will involve our whole family. Isn't he amazing? So we drove early Sunday morning to Pure Gold in Quezon Ave. to take advantage of this Pamper's First Family Portrait Activity. But my cute little hyperactive baby wouldn't stay put that we only got a few good shots with her. She was extremely busy playing with the toys around her.

Pampers also wants all these photos to last a lifetime, one that could withstand many storms, much like our love and faith in our families. So they only made use of a special photo paper that is waterproof and can last up to a hundred years. 

Want some proof? Check out these photos. People from Pampers eagerly showed us how waterproof these photos are and when kept in ta cool and dry place, the photos can last up to 100 years. :) Mommies who got to avail this will surely have one family photo that can truly last a lifetime.

You know what else is awesome about this activity? Families who do not have phoenes, cameras, or anyway to have a family photo got a chance to ave one! Like I said, awesome!

Great idea, Pampers! We look forward to more of many Pampers acitivities!

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