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I paid another visit to Collezione C2, this time at their Power Plant Mall branch in Rockwell Center. I know my taste in clothing has changed a great deal. I’m not sure if it’s mommyhood that made it so but I prefer my clothes to have a classic appeal than the usual trendy one. I gear now more on pieces that will suit my lifestyle as a mom and a PR practitioner. Nothing too glamorous but rather more subdued with an elegant feel.

I’m not surprised though because I grew up seeing my mom collect polo shirts. She wore them all the time and sh had tons of it! Many of which I still wear to this day. There’s nothing more comforting than being in crisp polo shirt, a pristine white shorts and comfy wedges. It’s my go-to attire lately.

When I got inside of Collezione C2, I was floored! Sooo many great choices. They have two massive rows of shirts in all colors and designs anyone could think of! I particularly like the clean display of the polos that allowed me to check out each design carefully.

But what was front and center was the new C2 Bianco designs by Noel Crisostomo Collezione C2’s Creative Director and Head Designer and Karen Olano Associate Designer. It’s a collection of normcore, sort of androgynous black and white pieces that is very much in trend right now and yet still classically and elegantly designed. I’m particularly over the moon over the skirt, the short-sleeved dress with flaps and the long cardigan that I think works well for nursing moms like me. Who says moms can’t be fasyon?

C2 Bianco is Collezione C2’s new venture to cater to women who are looking for that out of the box and yet in trend pieces. The designs remind me of the twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens with the oversize appeal along with the subdued colors of black, white and grey. Very fall, don’t you think so? I can envision wearing an oxblood or dark mauve lipstick and black eyeliner with these pieces.

Another thing that is quite interesting with Collezione c2 is their assortment of plain polo shirts! Plain at the truest sense of the word because they sell polos without logos in them! Having encountered so many clients looking for plain ol’ shirts, they started to cater to them by making it available. It allows their patrons to personalize their shirts for their events at work, at play or anything they could possibly think of. “They love the quality of our shirts that they start to use it for their company and personal activities.” Len Buning, Marketing Manager for Collezione C2 shared.

And after this I found out that Collezione C2 Power Plant Mall branch can personalize shirts by embroidery! You can definitely have your initials embroidered on any of their shirts! How cool is that? Of course I had to have one made and this is what it looks like! Pretty, noh? Now I have my very own personalized shirt!

They have wide array of colors and fonts and sizes to choose from. I chose a plain red polo shirts and blue thread? Isn’t lovely? Embroidery is only Php150 for 3 to 5 letter. Don’t you just love personalized things that have quality in it? None of that haphazardly embroidered shirts. AND this is free if you purchase three or more shirts. If you want Philippine map embroidery, I think that’s Php250. Not bad!

These shirts surely would make great gifts for Christmas! I could imagine my friends’ delight in having their initials on their own polo shirts.

Another thing that I noticed is how Collezione C2 Power Plant caters more to the younger crowd and those who feels young-at-heart. Their polo designs are a lot more hip. Cause in point, the designs of collar. Although they still have the regular one, they also carry collars with different textures and fabrics. Their shirts have great modern designs to them, too. It gives a whole new meaning on how I look at polo tee’s now.

They also have great selection here of kid’s clothing that I can’t help but gush over! I love them all. These are the kind of clothing I could imagine my daughter wearing when she’s grown. Very preppy, don’t think so? I can’t wait for Claud to grow up so I could dress her up in these cute outfits!

I really enjoyed this visit at Collezione C2 and their Power Plant mall store just became my favourite. I can’t wait to bring the husband here soon. He’s been bugging me to get him a nice shirt for quite awhile. :) Maybe, it’s high time we have a couple shirts.. :)

Here are more photos from Collezione c2! I just love how each look is so clean and preppy.

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