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We've really come to a point where there is no fooling us. Especially us, beauty mavens. We're more discerning and well, some has gotten more skeptic whenever they see a new product. We're not easily swayed by a pretty face, celebrities and camera tricks. Nope! We know better. And I do hope that I'm part of the reason why you guys prefer to purchase better performing products because I get to show how they fare here on my blog before you try them out.

Well, I've got something interesting to share with you! Last October 14, Pantene launched their latest video. They understand our sentiments on how we won't take anymore BS and want the real deal. And guess what? They are giving us what we want! Results, not fancy flashes.

And what better way to us show how their new innovation but by way of a science experiment (the Sheldon Cooper in me doing a happy dance!). Watch this video quick!

You'd think that there'd be camera tricks but there is none! If you've been to Mind Museum, you probably got to try the Static Generator ball that caused fun and excitement when all your hair stood up. As much as they look great to share on #Instragam, in reality your hair might just be damaged! Yikes!

To explain the science behind why this happens, Shean Lim, Senior Technologist for P&G Hair explains, "When a person touches the metallic ball of the Static Generator, the negative charges from the generator transfers to that person." And since damaged hair shows to have higher negative charge density, our hair causes to rise when it comes in contact with the static ball. They use this science to measure the amount of damage in one's hair. Que Horror!

And with that experiement they were motivated to create Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner to give women healthy, beautiful hair that resists static electricity. In short, no more dry, frizzy locks!

I certainly hope that I'm not boring you with all this nerdy talk about a conditioner. But really how would we know if we don't talk about it, right? So, please do indulge me. The geek in me is very much intrigued with how this goes.

Truth be told though, we don't need a static ball to measure whether we have damaged hair. If you know that you  expose your hair to UV rays (beach bums gals!) and heat-emitting gadgets, uses chemical-ridden products, let your hair go through chemical procedures like coloring and abuse it with so much shampoo, you know that your hair ends up with frizzy, dry and unmanageable. Welcome to my world!

Perhaps it is possible to have smooth silky hair with the right conditioner. Let's see how Pantene battled out this problem. Those hard to tame frizz may not always be part of our day after all

The way Pantene sought to resolve this dilemma of frizz is to give Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner a fresh makeover! They added 80% conditioning ingredients compared to previous Pantene conditioners and made sure that it delivers protective layer to resist static electricity. These new conditioning ingredients are also positively charged to neutralised damaged hair. Making it easier for us to say sayonara to frizzy hair!

More so, they created conditioners that are designed for specific hair concerns. Because let's be honest, we want variety especially for us women who like to experiment with different conditioners. There's one for those that shows signs of damaged hair, for fine har, and colored and permed hair.

Pantene Total Damage Care Daily Intensive Conditioner is designed to address ten signs of hair damage: tangles, dullness, brittle strands, split ends, hair fall, dry hair, rough feel, weakness, frizz and unmanageable hair. This is the conditioner for women who already have damaged hair or whose lifestyle and habits expose their hair to damage.

This is what I've been using lately and I must admit that my hair is far less damage-looking. Many have commented on how nice my hair is. :) I love how I can go out and not worry so much about my frizzy hair. And such an added bonus is how fresh-smelling this variant is! :)

Will be reviewing more of Pantene's newest lines in the coming days so watch out for each review! :)

Pantene Aqua Pure Daily Intensive Conditioner gives hair the nourishment it needs without the excess weight, making it perfect for women with fine hair. The Pantene Aqua Pure system’s Clean Rinse Technology delivers conditioning but washes clean and fast. With no added silicone, dye or paraben, it leaves hair with virtually zero weight for a feeling of lightness.

Pantene Color and Perm Daily Intensive Conditioner helps keep colors vibrant and curls intact. Chemical treatments like coloring and perming make hair very damaged, and the Pantene Color and Perm system helps restore the health of hair. Its unique conditioning actives prevent water from entering and exiting hair cuticles so that color pigments don’t run and curls don’t loosen.

It is possible after all to have beautiful hair without all the spectacle. When a brand is serious about giving the best solution to our faily hair care needs, they do achieve the results and able to be straightforward with us on what they can truly offer. No muss, no fuss. Just great looking hair.

What can you say about the new Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner commercial? :) Impressed by it so far? Would you be giving it a try? :)

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