Calyx by Clinique | Exhilirating Scent from Nature

I welcome your Sunday with a refreshing scent that I have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks. It's the new Calyx from Clinique.

A nature-inspired scent that makes me feel like lying on a bed of grass, wriggling my toes on it. I swear I could feel the sun of my face and the wind caressing my cheeks whenever I use this scent.

Calyx is a actually a throwback from 1986. It was the days when fragrances that were popular had bold notes in them. Calyx was the proverbial Molly Ringwald in that era, challenging the Madonnas. It's fresh and clean scent stood apart and it was rightly given the attention and in the end became the Homecoming Queen!

Now in 2014, Calyx is once again rediscovered midst all the bolder scents that are flooding the mainstream. It's fresh and modern. But most of all, the scent allows me to go back to earth... to make me feel the dirt on my toes. It's the right fragrance for the person that I am becoming right now. The scent calms me to no end, it settles my mind and makes me look forward to the day that I'm about to have.

Curious what's in it?

Top notes: grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, papaya, mandarin, guava, green leaf
Middle notes: freesia, muguet, rose, neroli, jasmine, lily, marigold
Bottom notes: oakmoss, orris, sandalwood, vetiver

It is definitely something that Filipinas would enjoy, don't you think? After all, we really do like subtle fruity florals that makes us think of nature. Legendary perfumer, Sophia Grosjman, came to create this scent like visiting family in the Mediterrean. The aroma of the grapefruit and orange tree are intrgiungly uniqe when combined.

With a little experimenting, Sophia was able to balance the sweetness of fruits and tartness of the other notes that made Calyx a refreshing, effervescent fragrance.

Did you know that Calyx is the protective covering of a flower bud? It's that part that envelopes the flower before it blooms. After knowing this, it made sense that the scent had that encompassing feel unlike other perfumes.

I'm in love, really. For a cosmolitan woman like me.. I'm so into the nature-filled scent of Calyx. Wearing this transports me to simplier times making me more stable and yet so energetic through out the day.

Fancy how a scent can touch your life by just a few spritz.

Get this at your favorite Clinique counter. Calyx is 3800 (100ml) and PhP 2800 (50ml).

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