Saturday Q&A: Was there ever a beauty product you wanted to get but always managed to talk yourself out of it?

Oh boy, do I have many of these!

But it's definitely Lorac Pro and Urban Decay Naked 3 are the two that gets my attention every single time and yet I have always managed to talk myself out of buying it. It's those products that are just sitting, waiting on my online chart.

I always read reviews, look at sales and check out looks created with these palettes. I think I even salivate whenever I see these online. And yet I can't bring myself to buy them. Here are just some of the reasons why:

One, because I have way too many neutral palettes on hand. Some I even barely use, some I haven't opened yet. I think it's not fair for me to purchase another before I even put a dent on what I already have.

Second, I'm scared that I'd get disappointed. Although I've seen a lot of rave reviews from many beauty bloggers, vlogger, and gurus, seeing some negative ones cause me to put purchasing them on hold. You know that feeling? How much the negative reviews, no matter how minimal they are, weighs a lot on your decision to buy it or not.

Third, I can't justify pre-ordering or buying it from an online shop in such an inflated price when it's actually quite affordable in the US.

So, what about you? Ever experienced the same thing?
Share them with me by commenting below. I'd love to know which product you're apprehensive in purchasing.

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