Happy Father's Day | #RealDadMoments

To all the Daddy, Papa, Pops, Dada, Tay, Father out there...

Happy Father's Day!

To my dad, the perfect mix of a cool and strict parent. Thanks for driving me and my friends to go clubbing. Thanks for sharing your love for all kinds of books and movies. Thanks for teaching me your McGyver ways that I know how to tackle my own entertainment system. Love you, dad!

Dad with his only grand child, Camilla Claudette.

To the newest dad in town... Ron. I knew I should have put money on it when I said that you'd be a great father. Even when Claud was still in my huge tummy, you've already taken on the role of fatherhood so naturally. And when she arrived, you only exceeded my expectations and proved what a wonderful father you are. From changing her nappies, rocking her to sleep and making sure she gets her daily dose of Vitamin D every morning. You constantly are present in every milestones since she was born. Claud is blessed to have you as her dad.

Promise, I won't mind if she learns to day Dada first. :)

much love,

The Cala-or's

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