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I've always been slightly afraid of using eye pencil. Basing on past experiences from long time ago, they usually disappoint me. They crease, they transfer and they gravitate to the lower lids. But seeing a lot of makeup looks on Instagram lately had me rethinking about using one. I wanted to create a simple makeup look but slightly intensified with the super pigmented black eyeliner. I wanted my eyes defined with the blackness of an eye pencil and see how well it would look on me.

The result was a slightly smoked effect that I love. The Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen has that creamy consistency that allowed me to work with and treat it almost like a gel liner. I was able to wing it out with angled liner brush. It dried pretty quickly and stayed put for most of the day but sadly, it was weak against my oily lids and transferred a little. It also faded quite a bit on the waterline but the effect is pretty much in tact. The Pixi Perfection Palette in Lit-Up Lovely was a good palette to use for this look. The satiny shadows was a dream to work with. It gave my eyes more dimension compared to using just matte shadows--which isn't bad either but I'd rather have effects on the shadows for the look I was going for.

I love this look. It's still the classic neutral look but definitely not an ordinary one. It's a typical makeup look, really, but one that scared me before. I'm glad I took another shot at using a black eye pencil. It definitely spiced up everyday makeup routine. I also love the after effect that this look distracted me from noticing my puffy under eyes.

It really amazes me how one simple product with just a few strokes, you alter your look entirely.. and in a good way. :)

How do you find this makeup tutorial? Are you also scared of black eye pencil? :)

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