Benefit Cosmetics' Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector | Product Review

I'm on my 8th month now. Yey! In just few short weeks, I will be giving birth to my first child! I can't wait!

But experiencing all this pregnancy happiness do not often appear on my skin. Rather, my body is showing signs of difficulty taking on the extra weight of my unborn baby girl. Can you believe that I put on my bottoms sitting down on the bed? My tummy is getting bigger by the day, bending down is now impossible. And oh the pain on my pelvis... sleeping has eluded me that I prefer to sit down than lie down. The lack of sleep is taking a toll. Good thing I have a nice set of skincare to back me up.

But when I wake up looking less than the glowing pregnant woman I'm suppose to be, I reach for my Benefit Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector.

Big Easy is Benefit's version of a BB Cream for those who wants natural looking finish but has loads of benefits.

What it does:

1. It balances moisture and controls oil.
2. Self adjusts on skin to match exact shade.
3. Protects and evens with liquid-to-powder finish
4. Protects with SPF35 to prevent aging.

Big Easy feels like a liquid foundation but has that primer-like texture. You know, that silicone feel. It looks as if it won't settle on my skin base on the swatch but thankfully, it did once I blended it with my fingers. The warmth on my fingertips, I felt, made it easier for me to blend Big Easy at the back of my hand.

My shade is 04 Medium, perfect for my skintone. It's neither too light or too dark. If you're medium fair, then this is also the shade you might want to choose for you. 

Big Easy comes in 6 shades (YEY!), I'm just not sure if all of them are available in the counters.

Like most tinted moisturizers and BB Creams, it comes in a tube container that makes it easier to take a long with me every where. Spout is sealed and it dispenses the right amount of product every time. 

Big Easy reminds me so much of a CC Cream, which I've mentioned time again is the better fit for my skin type. It's better for oily skin, those with big pores and it gives better coverage. It's thick creamy consistency (well, not that thick) did a great job at reducing the darkness under my eyes and redness around the sides of my nose. It also minimized the largeness of my pores. I could also do away with concealing my acne marks and other skin pigmentation because Big Easy does a terrific job at making them less visible.

Pairing it with Pore-fessional primer did make it stay longer but I don't think that it really needs it unless you'll be gone for hours and hate to retouch.

Here's my BEFORE AND AFTER Foundation Try-out layout for you to peruse. :)

I topped it off with Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up using a brush to set it in place and yes, my skin in deed looked flawless compared to the BEFORE photo. My skin looked fresher but without the heavy feel of the usual foundation. Big Easy felt like second skin.

Did you like the result? I certainly did! I love a product that multi-tasks. It's not so often that I get impressed with base makeup products but Big Easy swayed me easily. I love that I can skip several steps in my daily routine with this product alone. The less I put on my fave, the better, now that I'm easily tired and more meticulous with what I put on my face.

Big Easy is also great for our weather now. So if you're looking for a lightweight foundation you can use during this hot humid Summer, go for this one. :)

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