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I spend a whole lot of time now preparing for the arrival of baby Camilla Claudette but there are times that I do take a pause and go back to being a beauty blogger. Attending and checking out the Happy Skin Summer Collection 2014 is one of those times.

My dad is the best. He drove me all over Manila that day so I could get to two events! :) That's picking me up from our home in Pasig, then drove me to 71 Gramercy for the Happy Skin event, waited for me and then he dropped me off at Sofitel Manila for the Dove Summit. Best. Dad. Ever!

It's my first time at 71 Gramercy, it's the hottest place to be in Manila right now owned by Tim Yap. Anybody who's anybody goes to party there. The place is huge and it has a grat view of Metro. I thought I wasn't iffy about heights but boy, in my condition, I felt queasy when I saw how high up we are. The strong winds didn't help either. LOL!

So on to the event. The place was set up like small islands with Summer-y decors. There's a place for the new Limited Edition Summer Collection and the new permanent ones that are came out with it. There were pinwheels, aquariums with cute little goldfishes and there were sand all over the place. Happy Skin really made an effort to take us to the beach at the tallest building in the City! :)

First stop is the New Limited Edition Lippie Summer Collection called, Turn Up The Heat. The success of Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies has been phenomenal and that encouraged Happy Skin founders, Jacqe and Rissa, to create more!

This time, calling our the colors of Summer! It comes in a box set of three shades. Summer Crush is bright peach pink shade; Sunset Kiss is a fiery orange red, and The Morning After which is a pretty pink mauve. As usual, the slip is silky smooth and very pigmented. :)

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]Turn Up The Heat Limited Edition Lippie Summer Collection
Summer Crush | The Morning After | Sunset Kiss
Set of Three - Php1299

Naturally, when one thinks of Summer, there's that natural radiant flush on the cheeks every time one takes in the sun. Happy Skin made sure that even without exposing our delicate skin under the harsh Summer weather, we get the natural flush like we've spent a ton of time drinking mojitos by the pool by their new Get Cheeky with Me Summer blushes - Php699. :)

There's The Morning After, a pale pink mauve blush that is great for recreating an evening glow and the Sunset Kiss, a perfect orange blush so apt for this season.  

The next island I went to is the where the new permanent eye and brow products are. It's a well visited island since the gorgeous model and beauty queen Maggie Wilson-Consuji is the one demonstrating the Eye Love View Pencil and Market Eye Brow Duo and the Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Pencil Auto Liner. With Argan Oil as a main ingredient, goes on smooth and you don't ahve to worry about tugging the delicate skin on your lids. It claims to be budge-proof but that I have to test first. :)

It comes in three shades: Perfect Black, Chic Brown and Pepperminet - Php499.

The star for me is the marker part of the Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo. The swatch I had stayed on for like 2 to 3 days with regular washing. I know that swatching on the back of my hand don't expose it to oil or movement unlike with my brows but seeing as how well it stayed on, I think I may have found a gemstone with this product. I think we can safely assume that this product won't budge for at least a day on our brows. A little worried though that it only comes in one color. I haven't actually tried except for the quick swatch so keeping my fngers cross that it matches my hair and skintone.

The shade is Chic Brown - Php799

A crowd-pleaser was Contour Cove which housed Happy Skin's face base products and the newest Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit. Demo'ed by one of Manila's top makeup and hair stylist, Lourd Ramos. I love this!! It's packed with really skin-loving ingredients fit for us Pinays with oily, acne-prone skin. It contains Green Tea, Neem Leaf and it's silicone-free to prevent breakouts and even heal them. (insert happy dance here.)

One downside would be is that, well, it's a bit pricey. With a shadow-size pan of each contour and highlighter, Php1199, seems steep a price to pay... but I just ahve to think that Happy Skin is all about skin-friendly ingredients and pro-makeup result. And I have to say that I love the lasting power it has when Lourd Ramos tried it on me.

Last stop just before I head out is the the Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Water Cleanser. Demoed by Dra. Anna Palabyab-Rufino this much-awaited for product by Happy Skin fans. :) She imparted the importance of removing makeup to maintain good skin and to use a remover that is gentle but strong enough to take away stubborn makeup. It's gentle as water but tough on makeup. :) It contains Japanese Tea extract and Lotus Seed extract which are both skin-loving ingredients. The other anti-inflammatory while the other is a great anti-oxidant. And affordable at Php599 a bottle. :)

Happy Skin has outdone itself with the new Summer collection and their new permanent products. I'm glad to be one of the first to take a look at it. Happy Skin, from the beginning, has provided exceptional products and I'm glad that they are not resting on their laurels. Whether you're a newbie on makeup or a beauty junkie, you're sure to find something worth while with happy Skin's new collection.

But if you want my suggestion, get the following:

Happy Skin Feeling Scupltacular Face Contour Kit, Php1199

If you're like me who hates the gym, eating right but constantly complain about your weight, contouring is a quick fix to looking slim! No surgery required! :)

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Pencil Auto Liner in Peppermint, Php499

Remember: Green cancels out red! If you've been staying up late and clueless on how to decrease the redness on your waterline, this is a great solution. You can also use this as an eye primer base. :) 

It's also a great conversation piece since mint green liner is not a typical product found in a vanity kit. :)

Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo, Php799

Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang kilay!

A mantra I live by. :) And if you're a brow product addict like me, you won't pass this product up. :) I just love that it's both pencil and marker in one. :) I'm excited about the long-wearing marker and to practice using brow pencil more. :)

That's it for now. Got some of the Happy Skin Summer Collection in my loot bag and will peruse them first before I show them to you. :)

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Happy Skin is currently available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la, Beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints boutiques. Visit www.happyskincosmetics.com for complete store listings and more product info. Follow @happyskin_ph on Instagram and Twitter. You can also buy Happy Skin online via shop.beautybar.com.ph

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