The Makeup Look | A Simple Valentine's Day Look

I love Valentine's Day!

And it's not because I have a Valentine! Nope! I love it because I love celebrating love! When I was single, I use to spend the night watching romantic movies, mostly romcoms, to inspire me. Seeing flowers and chocolates around made me so giddy even when they weren't for me. I knew that I will not spend the rest of my life looking for my Mr. Right. That if my heart was open, ready for anything, he'll find me. And he did!

When it comes to love, there is always a perfect timing. If it's not a guy, it could be a friend, a family or even a pet. Love is unconditional and it doesn't choose. And you can't let one day of the year to make you feel alone or lonely. So my advise, look extra pretty today. Destiny awaits!

The Body Shop just released it's latest Spring Color Collection for 2014 and they are just love! The collection is a mix of colors. They've got hair chalk that is sooo in now. Temporary hair shades that you can play with. Then, there's the metallic eye pencils and super shimmery gloss. But what I'm focusing on how is the the shimmer cubes! What I have here is the Spring Bronze Shimmer Bronze 30.

I've grown to love neutrals lately and I just love how a simple look can enhance our natural beauty.

During a date, you wouldn't want to make big radical makeup choices. I prefer the look toned down and  au naturelle. So he has an idea of what I truly look like sans all the shimmers and colors. It's a matter of enhancing my best features.

The idea is to look pretty, not different. Play on the shadows that will flatter your face during that candlelight dinner. Make him feel the need to make you blush. A little color to the mouth will make him wonder how your lips would feel as he kiss you goodnight.

And before you know it, you're spending the whole evening together, laughing and not minding one bit you're the only ones left at the restaurant. 

I'm really full of love right now and I hope that how I feel transcends to all of you out there!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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