Fendi L'Acquarossa | The Red Elixir of Passion

Fendi L'Acquarossa

Free women. Strong. Visionary. Ultra feminine. L'Acquarossa is a tribute to women who dare to break down barriers, codes and boundaries. A fiery temperament illustrating the triumph of passion: this ardent femininity could only be symbolized by one single colour… Red. A banner brandished by the Fendi woman. The colour of blazing femininity… and an impassioned embrace.

Chiarra Mastroianni, a famous Italian actress and singer, who is also a daughter two famous actor and actress, couldn't be more perfect as the face of the newest Fendi L'Acquarossa. With iconic lineage, regal stance and sophistication as far as the eye can see, we already know what to expect from Fendi's new scent just by seeing Chiarra's face next to the bottle.

It is sophistication and luxury. Fendi has taken it's newest fragrance back to the femininity and strong luxurious roots of it mother city, Rome. With geometric bottle and warm elegant shades of red and gold, one is surely to be treated to an elixir of passionate notes.

Top notes:
Sicillian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Dried Plum

Heart notes:
Orange Blossom, Rose, Magnolia, Lantana

End notes:
Patchoulli, Musk, Red Cedar

L'Acquarossa is sensual, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time. I love the burst of citrus at the beginning. It's the perfect start as it moves to the floral notes that makes me feel incredibly feminine. And as it settles down, the scent turns into an enriched sensuality. It's like a perfect date that starts off with a few laughs that turns into a loving smile and ends with a ravishing kiss.

The scent lingers to my ensemble even the next day. It is perfect scent for women who is on the rise and those who are already enjoying the view from above.

Fendi L'Acquarossa is now available at your favorite perfume counters. I got mine at SM Beauty Department Store. :)

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