The Body Shop Honeymania Collection Has Taken Over Me

"Oh! Oh! Honey got me hooked up on you!
.....And it's just like honey when your love comes over me...."

The Body Shop's new Honeymania Collection had me singing one of my favorite Mariah song, Honey. :)

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

This V-Day, make sure that you treat yourself with some organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopian beekeepers. Proceeds from the purchases are used for them to send their children to school and pay for their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. :) You're not only loving your body with the rich ingredients but you're always helping others enrich their lives as well! If that's not celebrating love, I don't know what. :)

I have several favorite bath and body products from The Body Shop but when the moment I got a whiff of the sweet floral scent of this collection, it has taken the top spot! :) TBS has taken this collection to a new level. Find out why this collection has taken over me!

It was a pleasant surprise that Honeymania did not smell like a honey syrup. It has light floral notes mixed in it with the familiar honey scent. It's as if you're swimming in a bed of wildflowers drizzled with sweet honey.

You'll definitely get that hint of sophistication rather than a childish sweetness one would have expected. For me, this seems to be created for those who want to transcend from being a girl to woman. My kind of bath and body splendor.

Honeymania Shower Gel | Php395

First on my list is the Honeymania Shower Gel which gives that initial hint of the scent. As expected, it lathers well using a bath sponge. A peso size is enough for my petite size. You'll instantly feel moisturized and yet at the same time thoroughly cleansed as well.

Did you know that Honey is a great anti-bacterial and cleansing product? It removes impurities naturally and it's used to heal wounds as well. It is also rich in antioxidant.

Honeymania Soap | Php195

I'm in love with this soap! Since I'm more of a soap person, I prefer this over the bath gel. I don't know why but I love using bar soap against my skin. You can actually use this as a guest bathroom soap if you like to impress visitors. I love the honeycombed and bee design. It's so pretty that I initially didn't want to use it... but it smelled so good, I couldn't help myself! I could have spent longer inside the bathroom with this soap! And my skin, it was all smooth and supple after. Sigh! 

(change topic: let me just say that my baby is quite active inside my tummy right now! she's been so playful since I started writing this post. LOL! I guess she loves the scent of Honeymania, too, since I'm sniffing it as I write this.)

Honeymania Body Butter | Php695

This is my new favorite body butter! And that's saying a lot since I've always been partial to the Sweet Lemon and Olive Body Butter. I can't count the number of jars I've used up! I just love the floral sweet scne of Honeymania! And the moisturizing effect wasn't compromised with the new scent. It feels luxurious still and incredibly moisturizing to the skin sans stickiness!

If you're here with me right now, you'll know what I mean! I've been reapplying my HoneyMania body butter in between writing this post. I'm actually using this on my belly to prevent it from drying that can cause stretch marks. :)

Honeymania contains loads of shea, cocoa butter, and Brazil nut oil, too!

Honeymania Lip Balm | Php250

This lip balm was a sweet ending to my Honeymania ritual. :) As expected, it goes on smoothly on to my lips, absorbed quickly that leaves my lips looking supples and quite bee-stung. :)

Honeymania Lip Balm contains beeswax, too!


Can you tell that I'm loving this new bath and body collection from The Body Shop? Hehehe! Well, you'll know what I mean once you go and check it out at your favorite Body Shop store.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Me? I'll be cooking hubby's favorite buttered garlic shrimp and turmeric rice. :) We plan on staying in since we're dead sure that many would be out and about during the evening and traffic might be stressful for us both. Given my delicate condition now, I would love it better to stay in and cuddle up with my husband. :) So smelling really nice is on top of my priority.

Right now I'm relishing every moment I get to spend with the love of my life because we both know that our little love child with soon come out and will take all the time from us. And we wouldn't mind it one bit! :)

Share with me your Valentine's day plans! I would love to read them! :)

Happy Heart's Day!

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