The Benefit Way | How To Push and Pop!

I say, "Hell, yeah!"
(although I can't drink! LOL!)

Despite my delicate condition, I joined fellow beauty bloggers to enjoy an evening at the Benefit's Push and Pop Party at Greenbelt 5. A huge booth was installed and there were a lot champagne bottles, fancy food and of course makeup. Another great thing is that Annie Ford-Danielson is in town that day! 

I seriously don't get giddy seeing celebrities, but seeing inspiring women who do great in the beauty industy... now that's my kind of giddy. I can't believe that I get to see her again. :) And so close even! She was the one who did the Push and Pop Tutorial using a few best-selling makeup products from the cutest makeup product in the city, Benefit Cosmetics

Learn the Push and Pop technique, read on!

Annie shares with us how to achieve the Push and Pop look using these few products from Benefit.

  1. Whole Lotta Lovin' Forever Flattering Makeup Kit - a complete kit that's ideal for the holiday when you attend several parties. Change your look easily with a few swipes and strokes with the products included in this kit. (They're Real Mascara, Long Wear Powder Shadow in Nude Swings, Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy, It's Complicated, Creaseless Cream Shadow in Pressure, Boi-ing Concealer, Hoola Bronzer and mini brushes)
  2. Pore-fesional Pro Balm Primer - when you head out to a party, you need to be as flawless as you can be. Smooth out that porous skin and stop the oilies from making an appearance. You need a spotlight on you, and a shiny face is not what you need! I should know, I have that. :)
  3. Bad Gal Mascara - Combine this with They're Real Mascara and you've got the Push and Pop down to a T!
  4. Benetint - a tropical girl's must-have for a natural flush! If your eyes are pushing and popping, it merits a fab blush, apply a few swipe and blend as usual on to your cheeks.
  5. Lip Color in Dare Me - a highly pigmented lipstick is in order when your lashes are blooming. Swipe on bit of Dare Me and make those puckers kiss-worthy. No use to bat those lashes if your lips are not kiss-ready, I say!
How to Push and Pop? :)

No, we are not talking about Honest Lea's lovely breasts! It's the lashes we will be pushing and popping this time around! Here's Annie's tips:

Get you're Benefit They're Real and Bad Gal Mascara, you'll need these two to accomplish the job!

1) Volumize those lashes with Bad Gal Mascara. Coat them well but not to a point that it'll clump. :)
2) Lengthen those lovely strands and curl them into place with They're Real. Apply as you would a regular mascara, with a ziggy zag motion.
3) Push and Pop them lashes by pointing the tip of They're Real Mascara wand. Run through the lashes to pop and push the length limits on those lashes!

Easy-peasy! Gorgeous looking lashes under a minute or two! :)

Bad Gal Mascara is actually a very popular mascara in the US and Europe. The huge brush allows to coat caucasian women's long lashes evenly and thoroughly, especially those will pale-colored lashes. As for us Asian women, They're Real is making a wave! The special wand helps increase length and keep the curl on our lashes since most of us have to deal with short, stubby lashes. :)

So whatever state your lashes are in, you sure will find a slution inside the Benefit boudoir! I personally, enjoy They're Real even if I already have slightly longer lashes that the regular Juana. Mine can be stubborn and don't hold curl as well. Also the ball tip allows me to reach into all the nooks and crannies that other mascara wands can't. It giving fuller, longer and curlier lashes in just a few pushes and pops!

Annie demos the quick Push and Pop look. :) Just look how close I am to her! kilig!!

See those lashes catching the light and making a shadow on the model's  face??? How great is the Push and Pop technique! And check out how flawless she looks with few makeup products! I'm floored!

Honest Lea's and Benefit girls shared the Push and Pop philosophy with women present at Greenbelt 5 that day!

And of course, a happening evening is not complete without the glass toast!

I feel so good seeing the Benebabes. These gorgeous girls are loads of fun and totally in love with all things Benefit. I always look forward to seeing them and learning new tricks on how to make myself extra pretty. :)

Highlight of the evening is being able to talk to Annie and her personally handing us Benefit products to try. She's completely down to earth, completely immersed in the process of making Benefit a sensation here in Asia. She warmly tells us that Benefit is focusing on creating products that'll cater to the needs of Asian skin. So expect more products that you will surely want... but also need!

For now, let's sate our cravings with the new collections for Holiday 2013 and their best-selling products!

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