newKUBE mp3 Player Review + GIVEAWAY!

I'll tell you a secret.... I love to sing! I do. And I'm not bad either. I belt my heart out to Beyonce's Halo and sing Bone Thugs N' Harmony the next. I love Karaoke. Don't let me get a hold of that mic, I won't let it go. But that's just cause I love music. I grew up listening to songs even in my mom's womb.

Music is such an important part of my daily life that I can't go out without them. That's why I'm so excited to share with you one of my latest finds, the new newKUBE standalone mp3 player. Read on and find out why I think great things comes in small packages. :) And you might just win one for yourself, you fellow music lover!

In a world wherein our smartphones can do everything, I personally choose to have a separate player for my music. Not only because my phone's battery can't hold up but it's more convenient for me to practice my singing on it. Ha! Ha! Ha! #divamode

Of course the newKUBE comes with the necessary attachment such as earphones-which isn't so bad at all. There's also the usb charger. Takes about an hour only from drained battery.

Controls are pretty much easy to understand. If you've ever had an mp3 in the past then you won't have a problem. Given that it's a cube-shaped player, each side has each buttons.

  • Play/Pause Button
  • Forward/Fast Forward and Volume UP buttons
  • Reverse/Double Reserve Button and Volume DOWN buttons
  • OFF/ON/LOCK slide
  • ALL/ONE/SHUFFLE slide button
  • microSD card slot - (newKUBE come with 2 gig card)
  • newKube logo

I listen to a lot of rap and RnB and the bass on the earphones kills! I love it!
The sound is so crisp.

You really can't judge an object by its size. You have to experience it and see what I mean!

One cubed inched. That's how small this is. It's become one of my fave gadget finds this year. :)

LED light indicates your mp3 is on. Simple as that!

You know what I love most about music and listening to it on an mp3 player? The seemingly unending time I spend with my favorite songs. Either I sing to it, dance to it, emote or reminisce! I love all kinds of music so I keep tons of them in my newKUBE player!

And to that I want you to experience the same joy that I have with my newKUBE mp3player!
Here's how to join...

Fill up the Rafflecopter thinggy below!
This contest will not be based on raffle though but rather on your taste of music.
Har! har! So who ever I think has the best Top 10 songs will win! :)
Tip: It has to be your favorite songs. :) 

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