The Makeup Look: A Touch of Pink

My life has taken a huge turn for the past month... it's been both hard and chaotic. But seriously, I wouldn't change it for the world. I now understand all those things that I keep on hearing about having a child. How your world would change and so will your priorities. Part of me still can't let go of my old life but something in me is a lot more powerful that is welcoming the change. I think we do all have that once we are blessed to carry a child. That swift turn that we can't turn back on.

But one thing is still sure though, I am still the beauty-crazed Shen you know me to be and would stills trive to put out a lot of beauty finds, reviews and tutorials as long as can.

And as a welcome-back post, here's something from one of my recent fave brands, Za Cosmetics. Za really strikes me as something for the younger market. In between high school who wants to experiment with makeup and skin care and young professionals who wants to look young and hip and still look the part of someone competent in their field.

Za is not a loud cosmetic brand but one that provides simplicity with their products. But you can tell how striking it is by how they market it. Bold pink colors, flawless models and sleek packaging. The brand clearly wants to be in the view of women who knows the ins and outs of the beauty world.

And though I'm hardly a young woman, I want to show you how well Za can make anyone look young with just a few of their eye makeup. :) Two actually. Their Impact-Full Eyes Groovy Palette in Favorite Dress and their latest mascara, Za Perfect Action Mascara. I already featured both products on a previous post. Check them out there for swatches. :)

I've always loved the shade pink and how becoming it is once used as a base for a neutral makeup look. Favorite Dress palette from the Impact-full eyes collection instantly became a fave. I was actually hoping to take this palette home with me and was glad I was able to. It's whimsy and at the same time playful. It is fast becoming a go-to palette.

And the Perfect Action Mascara does exactly the job of pulling the look together. Personally, even without the eyeliner, the look would have been fine just by the mascara alone. It coats the lashes evenly. AND it holds the curl. And I didn't even curl my lashes here!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and how easy it is to achieve this look all by yourself. :) You can always use other products if you don't have these at home. :)

Find out more about Za, follow their Facebook and Twitter for updates. :)

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