Surviving Week 6

The first week of knowing I was pregnant (I'm in my 6th Week) is so overwhelming. People congratulating me left and right gave me so much positive energy. I love how social network can help you reach out to so many people. Sharing your joys and your pains especially at my condition is such a blessing, really.

You see, I'd rather stay home all the time. I'm not functional in the morning. My morning sickness is an all-day sickness ranging from nausea, weakness and gas. Yes, I said gas. :) I'd rather be in my house clothes all day, in bed drinking chamomile tea and munching on crackers in bed. But that doesn't mean I want to completely cut myself off from the world. I'm grateful for Facebook messages that allows me to reach out to my friends and them to me and have a great chat about my pregnancy and what's going on with their lives.

I'm happy to have iMessage that I get to message Jheng about my condition and share with her how much I miss her. I even got to call my aunt in Jersey and tell her the good news without paying a cent.

My life lately has taken a 180 degrees turn. I have been checking out mommy blogs more than usual while reading more international fashion magazines on my iPad. All at the comfort of my bed... I feel like I'm growing but at the same time slowing down. Contradicting but kind of makes sense to me at the same time. I'm sure some of you can relate. My priorities have changed drastically... it's unnerving when I tried to take a step back and take a look at my life...

I haven't gotten around reading What to Expect When You're Expecting. I actually haven't had time to get me a copy at the nearest National Bookstore. What I have now is an ebook that a friend sent over my e-mail. Thanks, B! But I'm to lazy to start reading it yet. Please don't judge.

Being in my situation now is not a walk in the park. I have renewed respect for women who goes through pregnancy much worst than my condition now. Seriously, I don't feel well. It's like I ate something awful that continuously wants to come out and my body is just too weak to function. Let's include to that that my sense of smell is in chaos! I dislike almost every scent there is that washing my hair with my usual products is now an ordeal. Everything seems to bother me and the only time I can settle down is when I'm asleep. I am happy about this pregnancy but the hormones can do some Pacific Rim-like attacks.

I'm still trying to take control off it that I just give up and lie down in bed. Most of the time, I just feel really really lazy.

I have so much backlogs but I can't summon to write a single sentence about the newly opened Benefit Cosmetics Store in Trinoma, which I might add, is huge! All I can do now is microblog through twitter, facebook and instagram. Which is quite unfair for the brands that continuously support my blog. And most of all, it's unfair to you guys...

But I am trying. Really, I am... I have a lot in store for you, ladies!! Giveaway of newKube mp3player, share with you my Majolica Majorca Wow Brows How-to and reviews of Za cosmetics. Bobbi Brown will also be having a new location and I'll be sharing that as well. Sampleroom had their Thanksgiving party and workshop and I want to share with you my experience with that. Hopefully I get to accomplish them all this week, God willing.

Right now, I wish that you'd provide me your understanding and patience.. I'm still quite new with this whole pregnancy and how I can take control of it to get back to the regular programming. But at the same time, allow me to enjoy the mindlessness that's taking over me at the moment.

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