Lining It Blue For Summer | Laura Mercier Cobalt Creme Eye Liner

To be honest, I feel like a newbie blogger right. now. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to have finally found a product I've been waiting/on-a-look-out for almost 5 years!

It's the elusive and incredibly sought after cobalt blue liner!

Of course, I've seen a few in my days but nothing really that impressed me that made me want to get it. I've tried some but most of them streak, transfer or didn't really provide enough control. I also tried the foil effect where I used multipurpose mineral eye shadows but those didn't stand a chance on my oily lids and the extreme heat of a regular tropical climate.

So I waited.. ever so patiently for that one brand to come with blue liner that will give me that bright blue line but won't necessarily cost me an arm and leg. One that would stay on same as my favorite black gel liner.

Of course, it had to be Laura Mercier who could give me that. An artiste with love for flawless beauty.. I can say she understood exactly what I needed when she launched her Folklore Spring/Summer 2013 collection with the Creme Liner in Cobalt.

It's the right blend of opacity, brightness and longevity. It's the ultimate liner for this season. Hence, we are....

I wasn't really surprised to see how good this product is given that Laura Mercier have been consistently providing me and my face great cosmetic products. What I didn't expect though is the incredible opacity! It's about 3.5g so you're getting a lot of product to last you all summer if not a whole year.

And don't even think of making excuses that it won't look good on your adorable eyes. It will! It did on my droppy eyelids and I don't regret it!

I can definitely see myself using this when I go to Boracay for vacay next week. It sure is going to be a fun 3 days rockin' a blue liner while walking along the soft white shore, sipping mojitos and enjoying the sun! Can't wait!

Laura Mercier Creme Liner in Cobalt is only Php995! I can tell you now that it's worth every peso! So better hoard them while they are still available!

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