The news could not be more timely! My ultimate favorite chef (sorry, it’s not Nigella Lawson, she comes a close second lang) The Great Anthony Bourdain just visited Jollibee in LA! And he got a taste of our sumptuous Halo-Halo! My heart swell when I saw how much he enjoyed Pinoy's ultimate dessert!

I’ve been here and there when it comes to food. Ate at expensive degustations, buffets at 5 star hotels, but the lure of Jollibee is just... what’s the word I’m looking.. ah! Irrestitable.

Growing up in city where fast food chains are in abundance, Jollibee has stood to become a holy grail. And I nearly tore my head off (or the cashier taking my order) when they told me that my favorite Swirly Bitz has been scratched off the list. Seriously? Are you kidding?

When I was offered the Jollibee MILO Mix-ins, I hesitated. But then again, remembering those hot afternoons during Summer vacation when I could down 2 glasses of iced-cold MILO drink, I said “Yes, i’ll get that instead.” Hoping against hope it had the same tasty crunchy coolness of Swirly Bitz. And it was! I thanked my lucky stars.

But the gods must have loved me more than I thought they do.. Jollibee added 2 more flavors in their soft served delight! Welcome MILO Mix-ins in Pretzel Crunch and Cookie Berry!

By the mere mention of Pretzel, it made me think of Swirly Bitz and prayed it tasted awesome. And it did! But so much better! The crunchiness of pretzel mixed in with the MILO and cream are like fireworks in my mouth! Cookie Berry, on the other hand, was a sweet tooth's dream. I am not a fruity person but the mix of cookie bits and berry syrup blended well together.

It's so good, I had to buy my each of BF's nephews and niece awhen we visited them this week! As expected, sugar rush at 8 in the evening! The kids loved the new MILO Mix-ins!

Today, nearly at my 30's, Jollibee desserts still has a way of bringing back awesome into my day. Especially in this hot humid climate. There's nothing more relaxing and cooling than the sweet taste of sundae in the form of the new Jollibee Sundae MILO Mix-ins!


Jollibee has tasked me to ask you to send in a photo of you Wearing your  awesome outfit and make-up that represents both of the two new flavors of the Jollibee Mix-ins while enjoying a cup of Jollibee’s Sundae Mix-Ins

Let's make it more fun so please include a creative caption to your photo integrating the two variants of the mix-ins! Bongga!

I'll collate all the photos and captions to create a sartorial lookbook for Jollibee peeps to choose from!

Send your PHOTO and caption to my email,

Comment here once you're done sending your entry.


ONE lucky lady (or gent!) will win the following awesome prizes: (drum roll please!)

  • 3,000 worth of Jollibee GCs
  • Jing Monis salon package: 
    • Haircut done by Jing Monis himself, and basic make-up package

Fabulous, isn't it? :)

Contest will run from April 25 to May 4, 2013!

Winner will be announced on May 13, 2013 in another post!

Better start practicing those smiles and head out to your favorite Jollibee restaurant and order your Milo Mix-ins!!!

Contestants must be within Metro Manila or willing to travel to Metro Manila to claim the prizes! No exceptions, No shipping. :)

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