Tech Tuesday: Cute iPhone 5 Cases from BF's Parents

The BF's parents are here and they came bearing gifts not only for their children and grand children  they also included me in the list. And what I got from the loveliest couple I know, are too cute for words! They got me a couple of pretty iPhone cases that totally shows off my personality.

First is a neon pink textured rubber phone case that reminds me of makes me think of sound proof walls like those in music studios. It's matte and glossy. The feel is matte but the cubic ridge lines are glossy. It's got a nice grip and it compliments the thinness of my iPhone 5.

This hologram hard case for iPhone 5 definitely has more personality than I do. And though I'm not a fan of hard plastic as casing, I just love the design. I haven't seen a hologram casing for iPhone and now I wonder why! It's super nice!

And a person who barely change her casing, I might just find myself rotating these two depending on my mood. Mood 1: if I'm happy or Mood 2: if I'm uber happy. 

I'm really a hard person to give gifts, too. But I'm glad my future in-law's knows exactly what I want and what I would enjoy! :)

They also gave me a Sex and the City perfume that smells so good! :) Yes, they do know me well and I gotta thank my BF for that. :)

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