BYS Glitter For Nails How To Apply and Remove | Review and Swatch

No use pretending. I am hooked on BYS products!

And lately, I've been obssessed with their nail polish colelction. They are amazing and quite the phenomenon! In Australia, BYS has established itself as a leader in providing women the latest trends. One of which is BYS Glitter For Nails. It's th easiest way to look fabulous without having to go to the nail salon. It's nail art right at your fingertips. No muss, no fuss... a but of mess, yes. But nothing you can't do for yourself.

With the simple 3 - Steps, Paint, Dip and Brush, you're sure to have nails that's got more blings than Alibaba's Tresure Trove. I did simple Overgram photo that I shared with many of you a week ago. :)

I certainly thought that I can't do it myself. But was surprised with how easy it was to do a glitter manicure. You don't even have to have steady hands to do this. And you know I've got the shakiest hands of them all!

East my Cosmic Dust had got to be a crowds' favorite, all with it's green, blue, red and white glitters. It looks like a galactic universe when I stare at my nails. And believe me when I say that you're not the only one staring at your nails when you have the BYS Glitter For Nails on!

Check out my swatches here

One thing I learned about BYS Glitter for Nails is that I don't have to settle for a monotone shade polish all the time. For one who's got such a loud boisterious personality, this collection is definitely fit for me. After all, there's nothing wrong with adding a bit more sparkle in your look.

What to love about BYS Glitter For Nails:

  • it's nail art without the hard work
  • easy to do
  • lasts longer 
  • easy to remove
  • fabulous colors to choose from
  • glitterly statement piece
  • can act both as beauty and clothing accessory

If you're wondering how I removed mine. Here's some instruction:

BYS is definitely upping their game when it comes to polishes and I am jut eating it all up. I would never have tried this if I have not seen this being done by Tre Dallas on Youtube. But seeing as how east it is to do this...  Like I said, I'm hooked!

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