The Best Undereye Concealer | Kuma Concealer (under Php1K)

Yet another fave!

What's that one thing you should never forget to do before heading out? Well, that goes without saying... cover them baggies, ladies! The only bag that you should have in your person is your purse. Not on your face. :)

Your boss don't need to know you had a banging party last night or that you stayed up late watching the Downtown Abbey reruns. Or in my case... blogging! #busted

And for nearly a year now, Kuma Concealer Type 2's been helping me fake it. I am in love with this product. How do I know? Anytime I lose sight of this tube, I go on rage or rearranging my vanity just to find it. Put it in plain sight. Heck, I would sometimes go out of the house with just this on!

In makeup, eyes in the part that you get to play with a lot and still be able to take on your day to day activity. That's why it should be at it's spanking best. Kuma concealer is not only makeup. It' also contains skin care properties that lessens puffiness and dark circles.

Get to know more about Kuma Concealer via my blog post here.

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