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One of the reason why Sex and the City became such a big part of my life in college is the fact that we both have our worlds revolving around our friends. I love my friends same as Carrie did her 3 exceptional bff's.

Another is the fact that she always made me want to become a writer. I know I can never be as good as her but because of SATC, I never stopped writing. Never. It was only in law school that i lost touch with creative writing. Thank God for my love for beauty as it brought me back to my very first love.... Writing.

Watching Carrie Diaries (apologies, I didn't read the book), i found myself wondering
who Carrie Bradshaw is as a young girl. The show starts off a bit bleak for me. I weas pretty much annoyed her sister and her dad. A little with her, too. But as it progress... Well, i was hooked.

I love how the show gives you tidbits of something. The conniving Donna's (who looks kike Madonna clones in the 80's, The Plastics in our times) who is set to ruin Carrie's highschool life. The dreamy Sebastian Kidd, Carrie's first love. And of course her three best friends, Mouse, Maggie and Walt who have their own stories alsoo waiting to unravel.

In six seasons of Sex and City, Carrie barely mentioned her past. It was al about men, sex, heartbreaks and comedic situations. It hardly mentioned anything about her past. It was about her, her friends, Adain for awhile and so much about Mr. Big.

It's quite refreshing to know that Carrie also went through puberty and didn't just sprouted looking fabulous and in six-inch Manolos. And though I feel that I can already relate to the adult Carrie B., Carrie Diaries connected me more with her having to deal with losing her mother. Thank God though that 80's fashion is being delivered here fabulously!

Carrie Bradshaw as a teen showed already the makings of a true fashionista and a writer albeit confused, insecure and still searching for who she is. I hope that she also becomes a character that girls her age can look up same as I did the adult Carrie and help them make better decisions.

All in all, it was a good first episode for a die hard Carrie Bradshaw fan and I am looking forward to the next episode. But me thinks I will forever miss the witty, comedic and sarcastic line that only SATC can deliver. Yes, I still have withdrawal symptoms. :)

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  1. I watched it and took notes on similarities as well! :) God, I love Carrie. Loved her quandaries and I did a marathon of her show tuloy and movies. :)


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