Yves Rocher France Opens at Trinoma Mall + Haul

Bonjour, Monsieur Yves Rocher! Welcome to Trinoma!

This quaint boutique, abundant with bath and body care as well cosmetics and skin care that is truly French is now available up north. :) Even swamped with work, I visited this shop weeks ago for a bit of shopping and indulgence. So glad I was took the time to visit this shop. So far, I am loving all those I've tried and I wish I hauled more. Will talk to you more about each product I have in furture posts.

For now, please browse through the photos I took and there might be something you're looking for.

This is the bath and body, their best seller. Price start at Php80 bucks. Great as gifts ideas. Nobody can have too many sample body gels.

I got my self the Organic Oats since I still have Olive Oil body butter at home. This I was told their most moving item. I think Filipinas love indulging in anti-aging products for their body. :)

Premiere skin care line are located at the other side. Packaging alone will tell you that the products have great quality. Their ELIXIR 7.9 serum is one of their newest products and marketed to those who wants to fight the first signs of skin aging.

On the shelf display near the counter is where most of their affordable skin care is placed. You'll find products for all skin types here. Above photo is geared more for those with Dry Skin. I love their Pure System. It really works on pimples and lessening the face's oiliness.

At the middle are drop-down prices and many of their new stuff. A lot of things in here are from Php150 to about 700. I hope you didn't miss their mid-year sale. But if you do, it's okay. Christmas is just right at the corner and I'm pretty sure another sale is happening.

I forgot to take picture of the cosmetic counter (slaps forehead). I was too busy testing their products. LOL!

The Haul! :)

Yves Rocher is located at the Mindanao entrance of Trinoma Mall. Where Starbucks atrium is located. It's super easy to spot. I can't wait til they open near my city but til then, I'll visit Yves Rocher Trinoma. :)

Thanks to Vianca and her team for inviting me! I had so much fun and the shopping relieved my stress. :)

Have you visited Yves Rocher? What's your favorite product from them?

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