Pretty Little Liars: Good boy turns Bad Boy (Spoiler Alert!)

Were you as shocked as I was? Still am, actually.

I was so happy pa naman that Spencer finally found the security with Toby!!

And then this happened???


I need to check back on older episodes to confirm or if the Marlene King (Exec Pro of PLL) is just pulling my (our) leg with this new twist.

Why oh why Toby? Why oh why, Toby???

I am confused, flabbergasted and still reeling. It was the only thing I can talk about at work.

Sigh... I do always fall for THE BAD GUY.

I'm sorry, Suits' Season Finale was put in a backseat when I saw the PLL turn of events. LOL! I expect more in the next season, so they better bring it!


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