Shu Uemura Chocolat-Donna Mint and Vanilla Palette

It's one of them days that I can't help but just share photos and leave you to your imagination with the new toy that I got.

Thanks to Shu Uemura Philippines for giving me one of the palattes from the Art of Beauty Collection for Fall 2012, Chocolat Donna. The palette's "flavour" is definitely right up my alley. I love mint and I love dark chocolate.

Let me gush over the beautiful packaging, first. It looks incredibly like an expensive bar of dark choclate, designed with edible gold syrup. It's amazing what the team of Shu Uemura comes up with evertime they realease a collection. Chocolat-Donna is inspired by the sweetness of chocolates and the beautiful memories often associate with it. Although I am not a big fun of this popular dessert, I love what is it trying to convey.

Personally, they got on the packaging alone... I was besotted. What's great pa is that you can reuse the palette since you can take out the eyeshadow. Good thing coz I have other shu umuera products that would look great housed in this gorgeous chocolate-inspired container. :)

Mint and Vanilla Palette

What you'll have here is a 6 eyeshadow palette. Two that is glittery and the rest matte and lovely. The Gold and Mint shades contains a lot of glitters that tend to go all over when applied. Apply this wet though and you'll be amazed with the pigmentation. Nice to top it off with the other shades. Think of this as sugar sprinkles.

The rest of the shades, like I said, are matte. I love the light yellow eyeshadow as it makes a great base and highlight color. The rest are different tones of brown that goes on smoothly when applied. The gold decorated on top of the two brow eyeshadow are overspray and will disappear after first use. Sad, actually but that it's just a mere design.I love the second to the last shade. It's a warm brown that I can used to fake a natural crease. But if you want a more natural look, the lightest shade of brown will be better. The darkest color though makes a mean smokey eyes.

As always, here are the swatches. :)

What do you think? Do you think it's a palette worth picking up or would you wait for other collections from Shu this year. They will also come out with a Karl Lagerfeld collection. A collection, I'm sure a lot fashionistas will go for. :)

Tell me what you think by commenting below! I love hearing your thought about the makeup I feature on my blog. :)

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