Brush of the Week | Charm Retractable Flat Top Brush

Another addi(c)tion to my brush family is the new Charm Retractable Flat Top Kabuki Brush. Say hello to this funky new brush!


Whenever Charm comes out with a new stuff, I always get excited. I feel as if I'm that girl back in 2007 who keeps on checking back on their multiply site and wait for new brushes. Honestly, even though Sophie (woman behind Charm Makeup Brushes) and I have become friends over the years, I am still clueless with how she comes up with these new releases. She just love to surprise everyone... seemingly knowing what we want all along! Although at times, I would shamelessly show her brushes I would wish Charm comes up with! Hahaha!

I'm glad that Charm now makes it convenient for everyone to lug around a flat top kabuki brush without fear of damaging or contaminating their brushes. I can't tell you enough how easy retouching has been with my Gold Retractable Kabuki Brush from Charm. It's so overused and yet the brush bristles still look good as new (see below).

If you're a flat top brush fan (I know many of you are), then you better have this in your stash ASAP!

Performance wise, I think it's about the same with the Charm Flat Top Brush (OMG! great for foundation application.). It grabs a lot of product for easy buffing. Easy to store, compact and is cleaner compared to the non-retractable kind.

It's really your favorite flat top kabuki brush in retractable form which makes it super easy to bring with you everywhere!

It's easy to clean (with just baby shampoo) but takes time to dry (most synthetic face brushes are) so I allow at least a whole evening or morning for it to dry. And I make sure that  it is completely dry before replacing back the cover.

I clean my retractable brushes every week (during weekends or Friday after work).

Here are some photos I took of the gold retractable kabuki brush and the NEW! pink retractable flat top kabuki brush:

Trivia: My first flat top brush was also from Charm! It was the short-handled natural hair flat top brush. I got it at the La Vista Bazaar in December 2007 and even asked Sophie to show me how to use it. I can't believe how far Charm Makeup Brushes has achieved in less than 5 years! :) And I'm glad that I get to witness it!

You can get this baby by clicking the link, <>. It's FREE SHIPPING if you click the BUY NOW button. How cool, right? Oh! And it's only Php600.00!

Get to know more about Charm Brushes, visit their Facebook Page.

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  1. Fierce Blogs9/7/12 8:58 AM

    Im in love!

  2. Great photos! The brushes are really cute. I'm going to order one for a friend, but I was wondering if you could tell me what's the difference between the two brushes, in terms of how you use them? Like which creates better coverage, which is better for liquid foundation, pressed powder foundation, and loose powder? Also, is the flat top brush the same as a stippled brush?

    Sorry for all the questions, makeup newbie here! :)

  3. Love the pink one <3 the Gold one looks like a Beyonce brush hehe Glam and Gold :)

  4. October 14, 2011


  5. Oooh! I think I'll be purchasing that flat top kabuki soon. It looks really promising! :)



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