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Fell in Love with Away We Happened


Are you addicted to series?

How about those webseries? I am! I spend a good hour at work watching these series. Thank God I'm blessed with a job that requires to actually go online, watch things like this and write about it. Nope, my work isn't blogging. I'm a copywriter/social media manager. Ang saya lang ng work ko noh?

Recently I got acquainted to web series, it started when I watching this video on Youtube and an intriguing title came on the featured video. I just had to watch!

My first victim was from AT&T and Wong Fu Production's Away We Happened. I find the whole story catching and Ianticipated each episode. The story is very predictable but it's otherwise catchy and funny. :) Naturally, I was  rooting for Daniel and Jean to get together. Oh! And Jean is is a famouse Youtube Beauty Guru, frmheadtotoe.

I suggest you get comfy in your seat and start watching. :) I embedded all the eps for you here!

Away We Happened - Episode 1

want more?? click away...

Away We Happened - Episode 2

Away We Happened - Episode 3

Away We Happened - Episode 3

Away We Episode - Episode 5

Away We Happened - Episode 6.

Di ba? Maganda?!

I'm not expecting for Season 2, although I hope they make another series soon! I wonder what story they will up with next... I want another one!

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4 fab comments

  1. got to love wong fu productions! they're so awesome!

  2. No wonder the girl looked familiar! It's Jen! If you haven't said so I might still be guessing.

  3. Totally love this series.. one of their best (in my opinion) am a loyal supporter of frmheadtotoe

  4. I love this series too! I both love frmheadtotoe and Wongfu Productions. I hope they create more series like this.:)



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