Fanny Serrano's New Hair Care Line Really Works!!

Happy Monday, Beauties!!

Fanny Serrano or TF as many foundly calls him, didn't become a success overnight. He hurdled through many things like all of us do. What causes him not to stop is his passion for what he does. When we think of TF, we think of high caliber clients like Sharon Cuneta. He's sought after even with countless of makeup artists and designer reigning supreme in the country. He's that good, you see.

Let me share a short story of how I came to know Fanny Serrano. When I was 18 years old, I didn't get the lavish grand debut that every dubbing "dalagita" wants. There was no grand ballroom, no 18 candles or 18 flowers. But not for the lack of trying, you see I had my appendix taken out a 2 months before my 18th birthday. All money was spent for that. We were that tight with money and that was how loving my mom was, she spared no expense on my hospital bills and treatment after that. But still no grand debut... It was sad but I came to terms with it.. after all, such attack could have cost me more than just a birthday party.

But when I graduated and a grad ball was hosted by our school, I was surprise how ready my mother was with all the expenses. She gave me what I wanted for my 18th birthday... A day spent at the spa, a fancy marching dress, shoes from Nine West and other lavish gift. But what took my breath away was the gown Fanny Serrano designed for my graduation ball. When I asked if we have enough money, all she said was "You deserve it." And honestly, I really felt I did. :)

And I will forever remember that day we walked for my first fitting of my gown inspired by Julia Robert's Oscar winning dress that was designed by TF, himself. The halter black and white gown was adorned by swarovski crystals and the chiffon flowed with my every move. I truly felt like a princess... and I owe it all to my mother.

When I was invited to the to the launch of TF's Proffesionals Hair Care Systerm, I was estatic. Seeing him will bring back memories and how special he made me feel at his atelier. I was sure that this event will be the same. And I was right, despite the many interviews TF made, he made time to sit with us and share his new baby with us. He even said that he's happy to have bloggers amidst the press people. It was really humbling to hear that coming from him.

TF's new baby is a collection of different hair care product that deals with every Filipino's hari dilemma. Being in the salon industry allowed him to see how much we need our hair taken care of even outside the salon. That is why he made sure that every product that will come out at every Watson's Personal Store Nationwide will surely work. He's that confident with his work.

To prove that the Fanny Serrano Professionals is indeed the hair care system you've been waiting for, he had models try his products for certain amounts of time. But these are no ordinary models. The models who paraded at this event have the same hair dilemmas as many of us do. Some of them have dry coarse hair, chemicaally damaged hair and hair as thick as trees. They, too, thought that no hair care product would ever tame their hair... not until they tried TF's new innovation.

It was so obvious that the models' hair weren't blown dry or flat ironed. Some of them have been using the shampoo and conditioner for 1 month, 3 weeks, and some mere 5 and 3 days. Models walked around for the media to get a feel of their hair. It was uncanny!

Variants are Revitalizing for Colored and damaged hair; Protect/Anti-frizz for dry, frizzy, to damaged hair; Nourishing for normal to damaged hair. There are shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioners available for the type of hair problems you need to deal with. For getting that more than perfect shinny and protected 'do, he also included Hair Serum for Normal Hair snd Thermal Protection Hair Serum for damaged hair (especially for those who loves flat ironing their hair. And for styling he created the Conditioning Hair Dress for Wave and Groom with Sgape Shifter Clay and the Conditioning Hair Dress Wave and Groom with Matte and Hard Wax.

All of TF's Professionals Hair Care System is made from natural ingredients that would not harm the strands of our hair nor our scalp. With the affordable price of each product, I will not be surprised if all of these will go sold out by its first week. (detailed review of the products to follow)

Isn't it amazing how one man can create such a big name and live a wonderful and successful life with what he love to do most? I admire TF for having passion and the spunk to pursue his dreams despite the trivialities he faced during the beginning of his career. Pero naman, look at him now... a makeup and hair care brand? A household name and always on the speed dial of known society women and celebrities. What's next, TF? We simply can't wait.

Me and TF

TF with Manila Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers
I left the event high in spirit. I felt rejuvenated and quite excited to test all the products he provided for us. And the next day, I showered with the Revitalizing Line Shampoo and Conditioner and I was blown away. The coarse and dry hair I use to have because of my hair coloring, rebonding and everyday flat ironing was smoothened away just by the shampoo alone. I could literally feel how soft my hair was. After completing my bathing rituals, I didn't feel the need to tie my hair up as I would usually do. Honestly, his conditioner felt like an intensive conditioner. :)

I can't wait to visit Watson's soon because I want to use the Revitalizing Intensive Conditioner. *eager*

What about you? What's tht shampoo that really made your hair soft with a simple shampoo?

much love,

BTW, contest for the A Brighter you is still ongoing! :) Send your FOTD's in!!

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  1. This is a good thing if it really works. That means magaling talaga ang Pinoy. :D

  2. I'm excited to try it! Sana makayanan nya ang buhok ko lol! Thanks for this Shen! loving your blog! been reading for a while now. =)

  3. Yay! Excellent you liked the product...we won't come out with anything less in terms of quality and effect.

    P.S. Want your readers to try the product out?


  4. Nagbebenta pa rin ba yung watsons ng hair serum na FS? Wala na kasi dito sa cdo .. =( baka naubusan o wala na talaga?


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