FOTD: Blue Green Look Using Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set

 As Promised, here is a look I created using only Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set.

Dress from Forever21

I used the Foundation Brush instead of the Dual Fibre Brush to test the ability of foundation brush in applying my liquid foundation. Since I've been using wedge sponge for the past few months with my foundation application, using a brush is like new to me. I'm glad there are no streaks left by the brush though. I applied too much foundation but its okay because the brush was able to evenly distrube it with a few short strokes.

Sorry if I look like a moo-moo here. :) My lamp was directly aimed at me.

Using the Precise Concealer Brush, I was able to blend my Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer under my eyes, corners of my nose and mouth to make sure that no uneven skin tone and lines are apparent. You can also use the concealer brush for these areas.

To set my foundation, I applied Mineraux Mineral Foundation with the Charm Pro Large Powder Brush. It's great for quick setting and allowing to cover bigger areas from face, neck. decolletage and shoulders.

For blush, I use the Charm Pro Angled Contour Brush. I love how soft it is and how the tip just hits the right spot and applies color to cheeks. Of course, it always helps when you smile and accentuate those lovely cheekbones. So, smile, ladies!! :)

Fast becoming my favorite, the Eye Shader Brush from Charm Pro Brush Makeup Set. It transfer the color well. But I do advise to use an eye primer and/or eye base to make your eyesdhadow last longer. 

I still remember when I got my first blending brush. It did wonder to my makeup application. Blending is so much easier. Lucky you if you get the Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set because the Tapered Blending Brush is already included. I don't see

Charm Pencil Point brush to darken my crease as I apply the darker green eye shadow. Pencil Point is also great for nose contouring.

I re-applied eyeshadow on my inner eyelid that was swiped off because the blending I did to the crease line.

Adding more colors to accentuate my crease a lot more with the famous Crease blending brush. I love this brush a lot!! :)

Of course, highlight to the browbine using the Charm Pro Angled Eye Shader Brush. So so soft!!!

Not in picture:

Used the Bent Eye Liner Brush to apply the gel liner to my lash line.

I love contouring and applying bronzers. I'm very loyal to my MAC Refined Golden from the Style Warrrior collection. But with brushes, there are only a few I can trust to give that shading I really like.

If you're not ready to shell out thousands for a high-end makeup brush, I can tell you now that the Charm Pro Makeup Angled Blush Brush is great for face contouring.

I used the Angled Liner/Brow Brush to try it out for my brows and its works well as much as the Brow Defining Brush.

Lastly, my lips need tending. Since I went all out with the eyes, I tamed it down with my lips and just applied The Body Shop lipgloss with the Charm Pro Retractable lip brush to give shine on my lips.



Products used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Mineraux Mineral Foundation
Pureglow Hot Pinch Mineral Blush
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
The Body Shop Lipgloss

Products used:
Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Urban Decay Glide-on Pencil
Revlon Luscious by Fabulash
Model co Designer Browz

I could definitely say that any makeup enthusiast out there could live with one brush set alone if that brush is Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set. Hehehehe. :) You'll be able to recreate a lot of makeup looks from magazines, youtube videos and of course, those posted by beauty bloggers.

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Much love,

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  1. love it sis!!! this is such a great use for the Charm Pro Brushes :)

  2. you look gorgeous, Shen! Those brushes sure are doing their job well!

  3. i love your mettlic eyeshadow. i've seen our other FOTDs and I always admire your eye make-ups, you make it look as though it's easy to apply it. that's my waterloo! kudos to your blog!


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