Product Review: Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream

I got a new BB Cream!

I received a sample of Magic BB Cream from Purederm recently. Yes, the Purederm available here in all Watson's stores!!

I'm just ecstatic to share this with you all because of the its color! No, not only does it come in pink packaging (which is so cute, btw!) but the shade is actually for warm skin tones. Finally, a BB Cream that suits almost all Filipina (and other Asian) skin tones!

As we all know, the problem over BB Creams are the shades which unfortunately comes in bland cool tones that isn't fit for the Filipina skin. And though we made it work for us because of its numerous skin healing benefits, we sometimes wish that there could be a BB Cream that comes in a warmer shade to avoid the hassle of having to correct them with face powders. Good thing our wish has been granted... at least on my part, that is. lol.

Along with Jheng, I've been an avid user of BB Cream and have opted to use it instead of my other favorite traditional foundations for several occasions. Only for the reason that I'm trying to cut back in my makeup usage but can't afford not to look put together. I call that the Beauty Blogger Dilemma. As a beauty blogger, I feel (this does not reflect to all beauty bloggers out there) that I often need to put on something whenever I go out and try to look good if not better. I'm not entirely vain but since I write about beauty stuff, I think that even in person, I should look the part. Well, that's just me.

But of course, despite my serious addiction with makeup I have to think about the health of my skin. I mean, I'm not going to look like this forever but I want to slow the aging process as much as I could. I figured that one of the steps to that is to use a product that has several benefits. Hence, the use of BB Creams for work and day events.

That is why I'm happy to be a proud owner of Purederm Magic BB Cream. Not only does it come in a shade that is fit for my skin color, it has the benefits of sun protection, anti-aging and moisturizing.

You've probably read on my blog several articles about alternative products to regular foundations. That's because I know many of you are still apprehensive to using traditional makeup for fear of either being allergic or altogether sensitive to traditional makeup. Don't you just love it when you see a product you can use that almost have the same effect of another product?

Let me show you photos I took of Purederm BB Cream for your perusal.

 It provides the following skin care benefits:

UV Protection (UVA and UVB) with SPA 30 PA__
Improvements skin texture to make it less prone to wrinkles
Brightens skintone
Gives glowing look
Waterproof feature that aids skin against water and sweat
Has Morus Alba Linne extracts for skin elasticity
Portucala Oleracea Linne extracts offers skin conditioning effects


Swatch no.2: Purederm Magic BB Cream swiped

Before and After Photo Swatch of Purederm Magic BB Cream

Coverage-wise, I would consider this almost the same as my other BB Creams. Just enough to cover minimal dark spots but not for covering cystic acnes, deep darkened scars and other skin blemishes. For under eyes, this provides good enough coverage. Cover veins and capillaries really well especially when set with a face powder. Those who wishes to maintain their blemish-free skin, coverage is really admirable. It's like a second skin.

Liking the fact that ingredients include Glycerin, Dimethicone and even Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E Derivatives. But I do have to warn those of you who are allergic to some paraben types since it contain minute amount of butylparaben and propylparaben for preservative purposes. But the product mostly contains natural plant extracts and other nutritious ingredients that are really good for the skin.

Another thing I like, it's available at beauty stores here in the Philippines!

Applying BB Cream is really easy. After cleansing and toning, you can apply a small amount (pea-size) to your fingertips. Just pat the products first on the under eyes , blemishes and uneven skintone before blending it  all over the face. Wait a little to dry and set with face powder or as is. Then, you're ready to go! Ooops! Don't forget the blush and gloss. :)

There you have it, ladies! Another BB Cream review... :)

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  1. I agree with what you said, you are not vain about looking beautiful all the time, since you write a beauty blog, it's somehow expected of you.

    As for the Purederm, benefits looks promising, will give this one a go next time.

  2. yay for this bb cream 5/5 rating!!!

    hugs shen

  3. tama closer to yellow undertone nga! and you're right ulit on other bb creams that looks too pink or too ivory for our Asian Skin :) This looks interesting no? Mine is the Pearl version :) Mas lesser ang color shade :)

  4. This review is timely. I was checking this out at Watson's and I saw 2 variants - this one and the white one with glitters. I asked the SA which one is more suitable for oily skin and my goodness! She said it's the one with shimmers. I really don't trust most of the SA's. But thanks for this review, I think this one is really nice. :P

  5. I have never tried using any BB Creams at all since I'm afraid that I might have allergies. But this one looks promising! Will definitely check it out. Thanks for this review.

  6. Hello. Did you break out on this product? I want to get it, but of course I'm a little wary because my skin is ultra sensitive. The last time I used a BB cream, my skin started to pop out with pimples and it wasn't the prettiest thing 'cause my skin is fair and it shows really easily.

  7. Hi Myca.

    No, I didn't break out with this product. But of course I can't vouch for that as we all differ in some ways. :) i use to get pimples a lot from using makeup but since I regularized my visits to the derma and also have a strict cleansing and skin care regimen, breakouts have lessened. :)

    I also have sensitive skin but probably not as severe as others. :)

  8. Hi!
    Can I take your picture cream to determine the composition of the cream?
    Thank you!

  9. ooh i love BB creams funny though. i am afraid of "bb creams". so i tend to buy fr korean brands only

  10. how much is this po?

  11. I have the same concern as Arianne. Shen, can you give an honest opinion on with is really good BB cream that you've tried so far? thanks and more power!

  12. i mean, which is really a good bb cream. my bad, sorry.


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