YumYum: Highlands Steakhouse, Mall of Asia

I am not much of the food blogger but I definitely enjoy great foods, even street foods, but I could neverget the hang of food blogging and even taking pictures of it. How do they do it?

Anyhow, this is the second time I have eaten at Highlands Steakhouse and it would be an injustice (i think) not to share my personal experience with this popular steakhouse in the country. Highlands Steakhouse first opened in Tagaytay, is an exclusive restaurant to the members of Highlands Country Club. However, the people behind this ingenious steakhouse decided to share the succulent steaks for us Manilenos to enjoy. 
A little insider, in both visits of around 7pm to 9pm, I would always see Mr. Henry Sy and his entourage visiting this restaurant. :)
highlands steakhouse by you. 
Country Style, US Angus, Rib Eye Steak (P1680 - 2800)
    Cook it the way you want it! Table side cooking! "Slow roasted to succulence"
    Serving choices: 30 oz.(P2800.00), 15 oz.(P1680.00)
highlands steakhouse by you.
Cook it the way you want it. I would probably always order this if I have the luxury to go once a month. The experience is quite completing and its a topic opener if you're with friends. My partners and I always kid each other a lot as we cook our sliced angus steaks. I love that I can always get my steaks cooked in medium well. And I kid you not when I say that 3 slices will probably enough because the steak is just rich in taste and meat.

highlands steakhouse by you.
Here we were waiting for our steaks to cook.
highlands steakhouse by you.
Pan Fried Gooseliver
On sweet and sour Balsamic apple chutey
For our appetizer, we had my favorite, Pan Fried Gooseliver. This dish simply melts in your mouth. At first I was hesitant to try this because I don't eat regular pork or chicken liver. My Tito was determined that I eat it  so I caved in. And bless his heart for pushing me to eat it because its so delicious. I would have 2 of this if I could. Wrapping the gooseliver with the apple chutey dripped in sweet and sour balsamic sauce balanced the richness of the gooseliver. Every bite is just like heaven.

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Prawns Au Gratin (P780.00)
3 Pieces of Baked Prawns with Mornay Sauce
Yummy mornay sauce!!!

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Enjoy acoustic music as you wine and dine with your friends and family.... 
or your date. :)

highlands steakhouse by you. 
I was staring quite a long while at the Moose antler chandelier. It's just not a regular thing you see here in Manila. I feel like I'm in Colorado or something.

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Enjoy a drink or two at the bar before indulging in the steaks of Highlands.

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Did I say wine and dine? It's because this restaurant has quite the selection of reds that will go perfectly with your favorite steak.

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Chefs on the works...

highlands steakhouse by you. 
Bon Apetit!
Enjoy a fabulous dining experience at Highlands Steakhouse. You can opt for their private function rooms designed cabin style, al fresco overlooking Manila Bay in sofa style or simply inside the restaurant as you're entertained by the view of the steaks cooking or acoustic music.
 much love,

Note: If you're dining on weekends, call ahead of time to reserve the seats. It's normally a full house on weekends.

Highlands Steakhouse, SM Mall of Asia
2/F Unit 213 Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-0768
credit to Munchpunch.com for the address and contact no.

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  1. Melanie Schickmeier24/7/13 10:58 PM

    We had a dinner at Highlands Steakhouse MOA tonight 24 July 2013. First we ordered soup of the day asparagus soup and it was great. It was followed by tomato salad which taste really good. Then the main course steak platter and highlands prime chops. The main course that we ordered came so late that the steak which I preferred medium well was already cold and was very well done. Not tender and was very dry! The highlands prime chops… well it was good but guess what? The rice that comes with it taste and smelled like it was about to spoil. I immediately called the attention of the waiter and complained about it. He took the plate to the kitchen and came back to us and admitted that it is about to spoil as per the chef. Do they have somebody checking the food? Executive Chef are you doing your job? It really spoiled our dinner. We don’t mind the price but c’mon we are not paying for crappy food! We won’t recommend it to our friends. We would rather recommend sizzling plate at sm the foodcourt if they are looking for a good steak and freshly cooked rice. I am getting signs of diarrhea now and that is not good! I will sue them if this continues!


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