Product Review: Ellana Silk Glow in Coffee Martini (Illuminating powder)

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At Ellana's showroom, while I was busy playing with their testers, I asked what were their bestsellers. They named stuff I already have and use but when Dang mentioned Ellana Coffee Martini Silk Glow, I had to get one. I bought the 1 gram sample worth P100.00. One thing I love about mineral makeup are the samples available. The reason for this is that the MMU companies are not afraid to sell their products by little amounts because they know that 9x out of 10, people will re-order. I think many MMU enthusiast will agree with me when I say we do come back for more.

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What is silk glow anyway?
"Ellana describes it as an illuminating, sheer powder that is used for highlighting, contouring or adding depth to the face."
Like mentioned above, Silk Glows are similar to highlighters. Like some MAC MSF's but lesser shine to them. If any of you have encountered the MAC Sugarsweet Collection MSF's, it is almost similar in texture. It glides on smoothly and very silky but without much of the shine and sparkles. It is tad frosty if you ask me. Just like what most would opt to use as brow highlighter.

If you would ask me why this became an Ellana favorite, my speculation would be because its the most complimenting color for Filipina skin there is among the Ellana Silk Flow Finishes. It is not too dark nor too light. You can say that it a very safe color when one would order it. I know a friend whom I got this for and loves it. It highlights her morena skin giving her the J. Lo glow. For very fair skinned, this will definitely work as a very soft contour. however, my NC30-35 skin loves this as highlighter as well. Photo at the latter part of this post is provided as an example.

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The swatch photo shows how it would looks when you use your hands to swipe the color to your skin. But when you use a fluffy brush like MAC 224, 217 or CoastalScent's Pink Blending brush, you will get a lighter application. Although I would opt to use my fingers or a much denser brush on photoshoots for it to show better. Especially when emphasing the eyes and cheeks of the model. For everyday, light dusting from the highest planes of your cheekbones until you reach temples up to the edge of the brow area will do the trick.

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I am really loving the lighting in our room. Nothing beats the natural light.
It doesn't show that much but it definitely gave a lift to my cheekbones. And also, I just did a light dusting, enough to give me a nice highlight under the office fluorescent light. I used my CS Pink Blending brush. Definitely no shining, shimmering splendid effect. Simply love!

Rating: 4 out 5 Kikay Points
1. You can also make use of this as an eyeshadow
2. Get that glowing cheeks look and top your blush with Coffee Martini and get that Cate Blanchett Red Carpet look.
2. Don't want blush? Opt for this instead.
3. Less is more.
4. Opt to use a fluffy blush brush or an blending eyeshadow brush to give you more control in application.
5. Mix a pinched with your foundation or concealer to give an all-over radiant look.
6. Use as lid wash and mix it with your primer.
Highlight areas are the following:
a. Highest planes of your cheekbones (just below your eyes and above where you put your blush)
b. Corner of the eyes up to temples.
c. Nose bridge but stop before you hit the tip
d. Cupid's bow (for a more luscious looking lips)
e. Between your cheeks and jawline.
d. If you have small forehead, lightly apply the highlighter on it to lengthen the face.

You can purchase the Silk Glow Finishes at the following site

much love,

P.S. I didn't use gloss over the L'oreal Color Riche lipstick. It's really like that when applied twice or thrice.

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