Brush of the Week: MAC 131 Duo Fiber Blush/Powder Brush

Another week yet again? Time flies by so fast, I can't catch up.
This is my birthday week! I'm turning 26 years old tomorrow! I'm old! I know I promised a contest but I'm still rounding up the prices. It will be a sort of surprise. I will announce mechanics tomorrow. I should be excited for my birthday but this is the loneliest birthday. I never had a birthday without my mom with me and I'm just not use it. She ,not waking me up with her greetings and kisses would be the worst thing ever. If you still have your mom with you, don't ever take her for granted. I did my best not to but I still think that time was cut too short for us. There was so much more that my mom and I could have shared together, not just occassions like this. On top of that, I am having hormonal breakouts. But I think it has to do more with a certain product I used. Bugger...
But enough with that... I still have a day before I have to deal with all that. 
Now, I'll be showing you one of MAC's limited edition brushes that has made its way into my top must-have brush list.
MAC 131 by you.
I got the MAC 131 Limited Edition brush from the Colour Craft Collection at MAC counter in Rustan's Shangri-la. I can't member the price but that's okay since I don't want to be reminded on how expensive MAC brushes are. Expensive or not, MAC brushes are known for their quality. Even with the hiked prices here in the Philippines, MAC brushes are still being bought by makeup connoisseurs here. MAC is definitely a go-to for the best brushes. 
MAC 131 by you.
MAC 131 Duo Fiber Blush/Powder Brush
A flat, tapered face brush featuring a combination of short, natural fibres and longer synthetic fibres making it ideal for the highlighting/contouring of Mineralize Skinfinish and all powder products.
Price: $40.00USD

MAC 131 by you.
As a blush or powder brush, this works beautifully especially when you want more control with the blushes that are pigmented like your regular mineral blushes, mineralized skinfinishes, mineralized blushes and pigmented blushes like Artdeco blushes. I also use this to set my makeup with my translucent finishing powder. Cream blushes are always best applied with duo fiber brush in my opinion.
I find ways to maximize the use of this brush. As expected, I tried it with many of my liquid foundations like my Alison Rafaele Reality Base Foundation, Maybelline ClearSmooth Mineral Liquid Foundation, Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse and MAC Studio Fix Foundation. All provided me with a medium to heavy coverage.
MAC 131 allows me more control when applied my foundation. I was able to apply foundation all over my face and neck, even at the parts hard to reach like the corners of the nose and around the eye area. Although the brush is a bit "open", it functions like a liquid foundation brush but less denser. You can still stipple your foundation for that airbrush look but could still be precise on the application front.
If MAC 187 and MAC 190 had a baby, they would come up with the MAC 131. Not quite MAC 187 that we love and adore. Not quite 190 that we are used to from the back in the day and still use up till the present. The MAC 131 is quite the hybrid but not offering the same results as those two mentioned. I find that MAC 131 gives a slower pace in applying the liquid foundation compared to my 187 and 190.
MAC 131 as excepted is very soft with no prickly feel. I guess that's normal already for duo fiber brushes. I have yet to encounter a dual fiber brush that is harsh on the skin. Even my MAC 187 dupe is very soft. The synthetic hair as provided to be economical since there is less products wasted.
What I haven't use this brush for is contouring. I regret that I haven't prior to this review but from the looks of this brush, this seem to be a running candidate for that. Especially on the forehead area, which I always find hard to contour using any kind of brush. You may also experiment in cream contouring with this brush since duo fiber brush are great with cream and gel formulations.
As per tradition, here are some photos for your perusal.
MAC 131 by you. 
MAC 131 by you. 
MAC 131 by you.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Kikay Pinay Points

much love,

P.S. I use Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap (review found here) or BareNatural's Brush Shampoo (review coming soon) to clean my brushes. I wash my personal brushes every week while those I use on my clients, I clean right after I use them.

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