Outfit of The Day: Uber Casual Friday

Wow! 104 followers!! I'm so grateful to those who follows my blog and subscribing.. I truly appreciate it. :) Thanks so much, beauties! :)

Plain white tee - Quiapo (2 for P180)
Shorts - Quiapo (2 for 150)
White and cream sandals - People are people from (799, circa aug. 2008)
Taupe Bag - Crossing's Dept (less than P1500)
Necklace and Bracelet (Own designs)
Earrings (gift from Askmewhats! Thanks, Nikki!)

It was friday and I wasn't much needed in the office but had too much errands to run so I decided to really go casual. :) Too bad the weather got worst come afternoon and the rain decided to well, rain on my casual parade. :)

I'm pretty much a white tee kind of girl (no matter what facebook quizzes says). I love plain tops and accessorizing it with a piece of jewelry and a nice bag. I love cheap stuff, I go to a stall near Quiapo church where I buy Pinoy-made blouses and plain tees with nearly half the price I see in Greenhills and St. Francis Square.

I also don't like heels because I'm flat-footed. If there is a cosmetic surgery I would take, its how to not be flat footed anymore so I can live in high heels. Wearing flats though are also my favorite thing, I just wish I can indulge in wearing heels for more than 3 hours without wanting to stab myself with it.

Despite my big tummy, I don't mind wearing tight clothes once in awhile. I'd be limiting myself if I do. i'm just glad I found a guy who loves me and my big tummy. And my pets don't care if mommy looks pregnant all the time! LOL!

What do you wear for casual friday? Share it here at the comment box!

... told you weekend is near!!! :)

much love,

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