Review: L'oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara

thanks l' for this pic

Finally, a review! :)

I've been mascara addict lately... buying this and that. However, there is one mascara that I am truly loving since I got it a month ago.

It's Lóreal's Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara.

This mascara for me is truly an HG material. For someone who's been blessed with long lashes (thanks to God and good genes) this mascara provides me enough coating, longer lashes without the clumps. Indeed, Vianne was right when she said that Telescopic was a great mascara. Even my aunt from the U.S. who rarely uses make-up is in love with this product.

More so, it's thin wand gives me the ability to coat my lashes efficiently without worries of ruining my eye makeup (which often enough I do with other mascaras). It blends well with false eyelashes as well as making it look more natural.

L'oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara is a great for everyday use. It's clean precise application will just give me that coating I need to make my eyes pop. Truly flatters my look to nines. The No Clump Brush TM is remarkable. A makeup-freshie's dream if I may add.

However, If you would like more vlomizing effect I would suggest a diffrent mascara. I often would use 2 mascaras for my smokey eyes since L'oreal Telescopic doesnot gives me the effect I need for dark eye makeups. I've tried partnering this one with my Cover Girl Lash Blast and the effect was great. Refer to my Smokey Pink Eye Look. :)

Nevertheless, I recommend this mascara for those just starting out and are wary with using mascara. This is a great way to jump start in experimenting coating eyelashes. I even think that you would purchase this again since I will as well. :)

my hg mascara for everyday use

No Clump Brush TM

see,ma! No clumps!
(note: use eyebrow brush to separate lashes)

In summary:
1. HG Material, for everyday use
2. No clumps (and I mean NO CLUMPS)
3. Natural Coasting (no spidey effect)
4. Do not provide enough volume (if you're looking for that)
5. Hold's curl well
6. Cheap (P400++)
7. Great for newbies
8. Thin wand is amazing!
9. User-friendly
10. Will repuchase again
11. Available in drugstores like watsons and department stores, beauty section.

Tips: (I'm not much an expert but I'll give it a try)
1. Start from innermost part of your lashes
2. Always use a zig zag motion and then sweep up (but not to much, just enough to give a good coating of the base of your lashes
3. Count one to 1-10 when coating each eye to give them an equal amount of coating.
4. Wait a few seconds before second coating.
5. Use the tip (dab it first on a tissue to take out excess ink) to coat the inner part lashes.

feel free to ask questions for some parts I haven't covered. :)

much love,

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