The Face Shop Experience with Pinay and US Beauty Bloggers

When Anne of Yummiebitez met up with us Pinay Beauty Bloggers, we brought her to The Face Shop, a cosmetic company that carries make-up, skincare and body products. Nikki and I are particuarly in love with with a lot of their stuff. :)

Anne enjoyed shopping, looking, and testing their samplers. She bought numerous products for herself and as pasalubong (take home gifts). She and her friend from Elementary (who for the life of me forgot the name! blast it!) enjoyed catching up as Anne circled the store looking for things to buy. While the rest of us (Me, Nikki, Keith (Nikki's hubby), Sophie, Jamie and Avi) chatted.

Sophie purchased a few stuff for her kit and we bith got the Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. We purchased the christmas package that gave us big discount when we purchase both. :) Nikki swears by its effectivity so didn't need further convincing. :)

sorry for the blurred part, The Face Shop have a NO PICTURE TAKING policy.

The group

Jamie with her new 'do and me

Nikki of Askmewhats and Sophie, the Beautynomist

Changpo Magic Straight promo girls! LOL! joke!

Anne (still paying.. hehehe!), Nikki (the sales manager for Changpo Magic Straight. hehehe!) and Sophie (the consumer!)

Elem friend of Anne and Anne (happy shopper!)

Check out Anne's Haul from her trip at

much love,

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