Happy New Year and Thank you's

Happy New Year, blogger family! :)

The Year '08 has been a total rollercoaster ride for me. A lot of blessings came my way but along with that, someone very important was taken away from to. I'll never forget both the beautiful and awful things that happened to me for the past year. It made me the child God needs me to be.

My mom and I have this tradition every New Year, to count all the blessings that happened to us for the year. It's like Thankgiving in the U.S.

So, here are just a few of the things that I'm thankful for.

1. I am thankful that my Mom is now free from all of this world's pain and suffering and now peaceful in the arms of our God
2. I am thankful for R for his unwaivering strength to help me when I needed him the most and still recognizing my ability to go through whatever I've gone through. For not leaving even when he couldn't bear me anymore.
3. I am thankful for my friends and family. It is true that you'll know who your friends are in time of need. Guys, you are the best.
4. I am thankful for new friends here in blog world and those I've met thru my crazy makeup addiction. You made my lonely times fun with all our night outs.
5. I am thankful (sincerely) for all the pain I've experienced for the past year. It made me rethink of my life and how I treat others.
6. I am thankful for the materials things because no matter how fleeting the happiness it brings, still it makes me feel good.
7. I am thankful for all you who made my '08 one of the most unforgettable year in my life.

There... :)

As for resolutions, well... I stopped making them since college. :)

Enough drama...

Let me tell you a little change that happened in my life for the past few days...

R and I got our own place!!!

We decided this a few weeks ago and has now moved in to our temporary residence until our condo can be turned over. :) We moved in December 31... so we spent our new year here. It's crazy packing all my stuff and unpacking them! I have so much!! I have to rethink my shopping habits... hehehe! I've been so busy fixing our place that I haven't had time to blog (sorry!). But I can't explain the joy I feel right now being in our own home with our little Duke.

It truly is amazing having something to call my own... our own, i mean. I guess this is really it... a start of a new beggining for me and R. And I think we deserve it. :)

We still don't have a decent internet connection so please bear with me. I miss you all so much. I still read all your blogs though through google reader. Don't think I left blogworld that easily. :)

much love,

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