YumYum: Cacao at Serendra

A lot are raving about Royce Chocolate at the Power Plant Mall, but since it has been infinitely impossible for me to go there... Let me share my accidental discovery of Cacao chocolate boutique at Serendra.

It wasn't enough that I got myself the MUFE HD foundation, I had to stop at this store to look-see some of their wonderful chocolate truffles.

a definite YUM!

I got a box of chocolate seemingly as if about to court someone... yeah, me!

I was like a kid literally lost in a candy store.

it was simply hard to choose

I took more time here than I did at Makeup Forever

pretty lights!

as if i wouldn't let you see what's inside the box!

Oh, they have turtles!! My favorite chocolate of all time (aside from three musketeers!), it's a chocolate covered caramel with walnuts/macademia shaped like a turtle. love it!

They also have the best and very large malteseer-like chocolate balls! OMG, like heaven with every crunch. (i obviously forgot to take a pic since i finished about 200g of it along with my bf and cousin.)

much love,

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  1. Danilo, Jr. Grapa27/12/11 5:28 PM

    WoW! I have been there too.  I asked the ladies there a lot of questions, they were friendly.  They have the sugar free chocolates,  I bought a sample each kind.

    I discovered that all their chocolates were imported, ironically the
    foreigners always asked for the local "tableya" kind which frequently
    runs out of supply.  A foreigner, they said, asked them that they should
    text him as soon as supplies arrives so he could buy. :)


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