Pow Wow with Anne of Yummiebitez

Anne of Yummiebitez was nice enough to give us time to meet her at Shangri-la Plaza Mall for a little get together the night before her flight back to U.S. We took her to The Face Shop where she hoard on Korean beauty products. :) Then, we headed off to Pepper Lunch to give her a taste of DIY Steak meal. :)

As expected, Anne is as pretty as her FOTD's, full of life and truly friendly. And she speaks Tagalog fluently! I felt like I've known her for a long time. Something all of us Pinay Bloggers similarly felt.with her :) She was laughing so hard the whole time from our antics. :) LOL!

Too bad she had to leave soon. WE all would love to spend more time with her. :)

Maybe soon we can all have an International Pow wow? Hmmmm.... :)

All of us just right outside Rustan's entrance. :)

R-L: Anne's Elem classmate, Anne of Yummiebitez (our guest of honor!), Nikki of Askmewhats, Shen, Sophie of Beautynomics, Jaime of Mizmakeup, and Anvi (Jaime's makeup Artist cousin)

Pretty Yummiebitez at Pepper Lunch, enjoying her Beef Pepper Steak

Sophie getting her groove on with her cam (pics from it coming soon). :)

Jheng was with us but most of the pics are on Sophie's cam. So watch out for that. :)

Anvi, Jaime and Sophie all smiles :)

Too bad a lot of the other Pinay Beauty Bloggers were not able to join us.. :(

more pics to come!

much love,

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