Haul: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Look what came home with me today! :)
An early Christmas Gift to myself.. lol!


Makeup Forever High Definition(HD) Foundation!

I went to Bonifacio High Street awhile ago to visit my favorite beauty shops.

On my way back after my purchace at The Face Shop and Krispy Kreme, I suddenly noticed the so-familiar container of the HD Foundation on the rack of MUFE! I quickly entered and asked for Monica (the MUA who assisted me out in Shangri-la). She helped me in choosing my shade. She first thought I was a 140 shade but quickly changed her mind as she asked me questions on what type of skin I have (oily, combination, especially acidic). She tried 120 on and it was a hit!


This baby will be sleeping beside me tonight and every night.. :)

quick application of MUFE HD Foundation in 120. :) And I'm so glad my cousin complimeted my makeup when we had dinner. :) She said that I look different and unusually maganda (beautiful).
Looks like I don't have any foundation on but my blemishes (especially on my chin) and redness was covered like a pro!

I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!!! :)
Hopefully, the HD powder will come to me soon! :)

a little FYI: this baby cost a whoping P2150 ($44.69) here in Manila, Philippines.
If I were you, ask family and friends abroad to get you this and save a few bucks.

Don't worry... it's worth it!

Shopping will make you happy but it can never fill the emptiness.
All you have to do is fill it with Faith that all will be well in His time. - Shen

much love,

P.S. I went to mass today.. I must admit that Our Father is never the same without Mom. :(

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  1. Paola Isabella Gabriel21/10/11 11:07 PM

    It's super expensive but I super like it!....=(

  2. I think your shade should be 125 that matches your overall complexion.

    120 is too light.
    140 is too dark.

  3. Hazel Taroy11/1/13 8:04 AM

    Hi, I believe you got the right shade. It comes with a kit at Sephora. HG foundation!


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