YumYum: Angelati Italia Ice cream - Gelato Galore!

By now you probably know my penchant for sweets. Don't worry I try to get enough H2O and get regular dental checkups. :)

During a visit at SM Megamall, R and I were on our way to the taxi queue I saw this little ice cream shop along the side of National Bookstore corner of Segue(i think its a different shop now) in Mega A. I got curious coz the usual display of flavors were different. the ice creams looks like waves of clouds inside the freezer. So delectable.. tempting...

They have two different ice cream labels:

1. Angelati Signature (orange label)- 1 scoop (P70), 2 scoop (P130), 1L Take home (P520)
2. Angelati Premium (red label) - 1 scoop (P90), 2 scoop (P170), 1L Take home (P660)
3. Angel + Premium - (150)


The BF deciding what flavor to choose on our first visit... He got the Wild Raspberries that tastes authentically like berries! ":)

ooohhh!! :)

My 2 favorite flavors: Stracciatella and Chocolate Obsession. I guarantee that these are must trys!

R's Ice cream on our 2nd visit: Mango and ____ (i can't remember!) so bad of me.. :) But it was delish!

this earns 5/5 Kikay Pinay YumYum Points! :)

For list of Complete flavors, click here.

For orders, contact them at:
Angelati Italia
1282-1284 Paz Street, Paco, Manila
cell: 0917-8990110 / 0917-8111411
phone: (632) 562-2217 / 559-0316 (office hours)
email: dee.gwen@gmail.com

P450-P570/liter depending on flavor
We can deliver to Makati, Greenhills/Ortigas, selected parts of QC and selected parts of Manila.

Til the next YumYum!

much love,

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