Pinay Made: Embodyment Organic Essentials

As you all by now, I am all for anything Philippine made, especially when it is made by a fellow Filipina. I am also awed when these products involves skin care and cosmetics. The perks are that it is cheap, easily available and the quality is undeniably good.

I saw the booth of Embodyment Organic Essentials at the N.E.W. Bazaar in Tiendesitas. I got curious with the array of organic products. They have everything from bpdy scrub to tummy and buttocks skin therapy healing cream. They have balms, shampoos and different kinds of organic soaps. I admit, I was overwhelmed with all that i saw. I didn't know where to start looking.

What i found surprising was when the owner approached me, I thought that she looked so familiar. Apparently, we graduated from the same college. Isn't that nice?

Caffeine Mint Mix (Php70) - A handy pot containing a blend of coffee and mint extrracts to perk you up. - embodyment
Something I really need, this mix reminds me of fave Peppermint Mocha Frappe of Starbucks. Just the right amount of mint and coffee to keep this struggling law student awake for her books. :)

Tea Tree Organic Anti-dandruff Shampoo. Reading that Tea Tree and Peppermint are on the ingredient like was a quick sell for me. I love anything minty and for Php160, this 300ml is too cheap to resist. Showering is just a whole new experience with this shampoo. My hair feels a lot cleaner and healthier, and the scent is simply inviting.

These organic soaps are probably the bestseller that day. It was sold 5 for Php199. What a steal. So I got 2 of the Peppermint (reminded me of LUSH soap i used before) and other variants. The scents are very addicting.

There you have it. My latest discovery. :)

much love,

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