Thank you, Gracie!

Look what i've got from UK???

Gracie was soooo nice to get us the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette
This palette is AMAZING!!!

I can't thanked you enough, Gracie, for this. but most of all for seeing me as your friends despited the geographical difference.


much love to you, girl!!!

this palette is huge! well, not that huge but so bigger compared to my other UD palette.

palettes are amazingly pigmented (as expected) and larger too. :)
brushes are uber soft and the primer is handy!

happy sigh..*

i can't wait to cast some spell with the Book of Shadows

despite bad things happening in my life... there are wayyyy so much good happening in it!

i'm in the province, visiting for the holiday and also my uncle who just died. sad but i'm glad i'm with family...

much love,
the kikay pinay
forever and always a beauty addict. lol!

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