Personal Entry: Confession of the So-Called Law Student Part Deux

The day was long, hot and humid. Its the first day of a long finals weeks for me. I am cramming my a$ off with requirements that needs to pass especially those done with groups. I haven't been spending so much time blogging because since this Thursday, i lost my will... drive to do anything. I haven't been allocating enough time for my studies as i should have and have been completely distracted with doing something else. Irresponsible, yes... but never something i could regret about.

Since yesterday(friday here in Manila), i have expressed to my parents my intention to quit law school altogether. I have been contemplating this for months (actually since last year) but the coward that I am refuses to be honest with her. What did the mother earth (what i call my mom) say? She got mad of course saying all sorts of things, I cried (like a colic baby) trying to explain her how I am about to go on with my lifes sans law school.

Well, to put it bluntly... my mom is one heck of a bully. She can make you do anything and make you think its your idea to begin with. So, today (saturday) she talked me into accepting my fate. That I am a law student(and going to be a lawyer*rolls eyes*) and nothing can stand in the way of that... even me. The fact that she knows i am unhappy with studying(law) undettered her. Sad, I know.

A lot of people said that I should do whatever makes me happy and that my mom will understand. Apparently, It's not that easy and even if its hard to obtain it, I am stopped from doing anything about it. My mom understanding my predicament is nevertheless useless since she will not make me quit. She after all have my best interest and would only do what will secure me a great future.

I have never relied so much on the saying "Mother's Knows Best" until now.

-The Confession of the Exhausted, Tired, Troubled, Confused and Unhappy So-called Law Student.

I will apprecite your comments on this but please regulate it (no bashing of the people involve, race, culture or my opinion.)

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