Haul: Neutral/Bridal Palette and 78 Piece Pallete

If you have checked Aika's Blog lately then you should know that she is now a proud owner of the 88 eyeshadow, 88 piece ultra shimmer and neutral palette. The "inggetera"(envious) in me asked her immediately how she came by those coz i soooo want them, too!

I shared with Aika how reluctant I am on ordering from a very popular online store since it may get damaged on its way here to the Philippines, not to mention the looooong wait (2 weeks the most) that I have to do. And let's not forget the shipping fee albeit is it a fair price.

Boy oh boy was I surprise that Aika told me that she got her palette from Ebay (I was jumping to conclusion here that i will have to order from abroad).

No. No. No. No. This seller resides in Manila with tons of palette ready to be adopted (for a reasonable price) by us. Can you believe that? No wonder Aika got three palette. She definitely takes pride in her bargain finds and we all are proud of her! :)

This palette came into my life just in time! (drama!) Really, when you're down and under... you just don't need your friends... you need retail therapy!! :) With these babies on my bag, i didn't feel the need t go to MAC (ok... i sneaked a peek!) I didn't even buy another kind of cosmetics when i was there and passed bt The Natural Source, The Body Shop, and Rustan's. I was eager to take pics of it already!!! Excited to the highest level. Although i did come home with other things other than the palettes... you'll see those in my future posts. :)

'Nuff chattering:

hmmm... :)

when in doubt, buy both!!!

my 78 pc palette (enabled by FlyMamaL and Nikki!)

i hate neutrals!! --- NOT!!!

infamous beauty marked by MAC look-a-like. Watch Youtube videos of gurus showing you the dupes in this palette to MAC eyeshadows. People who own this will feel like they won a jackpot.

pretty blush!

All my Philippine Readers, you can have your very own palette (or palettes in our*Aika and I* case) without the expensive shipping or the long wait!!! (sounds like a commercial here.. scary!)

Check out Kat's ebay shop. :)

My experience:

Seamless, Smooth, No-hassle transaction - I just texted Kat to confirm my order. Then added another palette the next day and met up with her at Glorietta to get the products today (saturday). She's very flexible since I had to postpone our friday-supposed-meet-up. Although i must warn you that Kat has a regular job and may only accomodate you at a scheduled time.

(I opted for a meet up since i was hesitant to have it shipped and end up with a broken palette. I just didn't want the hassle if ever that happens.)

But after meeting Kat, i think I will have to live on biscuits for the next week so i can order the shimmer palette via shipping since she assured me that all the palettes she sent arrived safely to her buyers/bidders.

Kat, the seller/ebayer is easy to communicate with, friendly and makeup-aholic just like the rest of us beauty bloggers. Three important things for me when one is selling cosmetics.

Palettes are same as those sold in ebay , online stores etc. :) Haven't swatched them yet but they certainly looks promising. I simply can't wait to try them on tom. :) LOL!

The price for each of the palette i bought is P1250.
around Php500 cheaper compared to ordering online.

So, did i just tempt you in getting one?

much love,

Sorry for bad photography skills, haven't slept yet since last night and I am dead tired.. peace y'all!

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